I welcome you to my blog, a simple journal about my food adventures. Each entry tells you about the dishes I tried, the drinks I’ve sipped, and the sights and sounds that I drink to.

I’ve always been fascinated with food writing, and how food experts and writers tell about their experiences. I believe that food writing involves sharp taste buds, sharper eyes for detail, and a lot of expertise in the tastes and aromas that distinguish one cuisine from another.

Of course I’m not an expert in food and cooking. At present I’m more of a gourmand, not exactly a gourmet. Still, I get a lot of good experiences and lessons from the food that I sample, and the trips to the places I go to. Everything, after all, is a learning experience; and this is what I hope to share.

With this, I invite you to a journey in the eyes of an amateur foodie, a traveler who loves his food and wine, and loves the experience even more.

This food journal is dedicated to:

My mother, one of the greatest cooks I’ve met in my life and the next;
My family, from whom I gain my life lessons;
Sam Bautista and JJ Landingin, the ones who christened this blog and gave its name;
Winford Ferrer and JP Bawingan, my “Boys Be” crew;
Eugene Tan, for his delicious misua and chili sauce;
Mitch, for giving me the fuel I need to get this blog started…

And to all the cooks and waitresses of the restaurants that I visited and will visit someday, for all your great work in keeping your guests’ stomachs and hearts happy, light, and satisfied.



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