Happy New Year!

Ah, 2010. The year of the Metal Tiger, that’s what astrologers call it. They say the Tiger will inspire everyone do be courageous, take risks, do bold and daring actions in a tumultous time.

And what a tumultous time this will be! Elections are coming this May, Mayon Volcano is keeping everyone on their toes, unsolved cases abound, and who knows what personal problems will beset us this year.

In light with this, I realized that for the rest of 2009 since my last post, I haven’t been eating out or going out so much, with time and budget constraints pulling me down. Plus, a lot of… well, things, have happened since the last few weeks, keeping me away from this blog and my food adventures.

The new year holds a lot of promise for me. Surely there are lots of places to visit, dishes and drinks to taste, music and scenes to enjoy… Who knows, maybe there’s a life lesson or two meant for me and everyone who will journey with me throughout 2010.

With this, I thank you for visiting this young blog. I hope you join me as I discover new restaurants, watering holes, and whatnots, and enjoy good food and wine as I always hope to do. Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s a hot meal and a cocktail waiting for me somewhere…

Happy new year!

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