Aikyatchi: Grub Grab Chronicles

I decided not to do a Valentine’s Day or Chinese New Year feature, since 1.) I didn’t have a Valentine’s Day date, 2.) My planned whole-day Chinatown tour got canceled because I slept in, and 3.) Budget reasons, since eating out IS expensive.

\Seriously, I’ve put off going out for a while since I’ve been busy with work, plus I’ve been working out (this might become a topic in a future post) to shed off the adipose tissue I’ve accumulated from eating out. Plus I’m still researching on places I can visit around here. ^_^;

Anyway, I’m taking this time to promote my Flickr account, where the pictures from my recent food adventures not found in the articles are currently posted. This serves to further acquaint you with the places I’ve been to so far. Maybe if I get more pictures during repeat visits, I’ll post them as well.

I’m mulling visiting a few more places once my schedule clears up, but for now, it’ll be normal, carinderia-style eating for me. (Which might become a topic in yet another future post.)

Until my next adventure, then! XD

The Baozi Fairy appears courtesy of *CarmenMCS… because I believe in the Baozi Fairy. XD