Aikyatchi: Slump

When I opened “Unlimited Grub Grabs” last year, I meant for this blog to be an outlet for me to express my passion for food. Of course, this has been limited to thoughts on trips to restaurants and food shops, and the several times my siblings and I eat out.

I realized that being a foodie goes beyond seeking good food. I’ve learned that food is important in a place’s culture, that what is served in a certain place tells something about the people that go there, the surroundings, the music and other forms of recreation… For me, food is an aspect of human nature that needs to be learned and understood.

While the realization that finding greater things beyond the love of food is evident, I also realized I about to lose sight of this. Being alone most of the time, along with life’s constraints and priorities have changed my mindset about food: Three meals a day and that’s it.

This is, perhaps, another reason I haven’t been writing here… I’m actually entering a slump, to the point that I was no longer eating for pleasure or enlightenment, but just for survival.. That, or maybe I’m just getting lonely and depressed. Or maybe I’m losing inspiration. Whatever.

That’s it, I ran out of words to say.

Maybe I needed a break. Or something to inspire me and ignite my passion… Maybe I need a drink. Or maybe I have to do something, like a night-out, or a trip to the outdoors, or a vacation in Pampanga. Or some event for foodies like me. Or a restaurant tour. Or several restaurant tours. I don’t know.


Episode 6: Eat-All-You-Can Assault at Yakimix! Biting off more than one can chew?!

It was my turn to invite my brother (and now certified foodie) MC to a buffet dinner a few weeks after the showdown at Café in the Park. Our destination: Yakimix Sushi Smokeless Grill Restaurant at the SM Mall of Asia. Yay, another eat all you can feast. XD

Before going to Yakimix, we read a lot of mixed reviews about it, especially its pilot branch in Hobbies of Asia in Pasay. Much was said about the service, the ambience, the food, among others. Some reviews were dissenting, some were good, while others simply say this was a typical pigging out restaurant, nothing much.

Notwithstanding what local netizens have said about Yakimix, we decide to go ahead. And one Sunday afternoon, after a back-breaking Balinese massage, I met up with MC and went in for the assault. By the way, Yakimix MOA opens around lunch time, closes for a while, and then reopens at 5:30 in the afternoon.

Every customer in Yakimix is seated in front of his own griddle, heated and oiled occasionally for your meat of choice to sizzle on at the privacy of your table. Everything else is self-service, although drinks are a-plenty and are served upon request.
There were so many dishes to choose from, fewer than the ones in Café by the Park but enticing nonetheless. Among the Chinese dishes, we sampled the yang chow rice, sweet and sour pork, and crab and corn soup. The bulgogi and the kimchi were the most familiar in the Korean line-up, although there were more to try such as the beef tripe, some squid here and there, and the octopus.
The Japanese category has its own (by now, already familar) dishes to boast of, such as the sushi and maki, and shrimp tempura. The Japanese dishes run out so quickly, people (including me) actually wait for the chefs to refill the table. The tempura is apparently the restaurant’s best seller. Now why there’s a big plate of crispy pata on the table is beyond me.
One also cannot fail to miss Yakimix’s desserts – cakes of all flavours and mini-pastries, a good way to end the battle of flavours that rage in your mouth and tummy after eating so much.
Finally, there’s the grilled food. Yakimix offers a wide array of raw pork, chicken, beef, and seafood to choose from. Some of them are marinated, while others came with their own sauce. All the customer has to do is pop your seafood or meat of choice into your plate, throw them into your griddle, and dig in. Repeat until pan is non-greased,Then ask for oil and repeat the process all over again.

MC pigged out on the tempura and raw shrimp, which he threw into the griddle to cook with gusto, while I attacked the salmon steak and belly (“salmon is luv, salmon is luv”) and the various meat dishes. There were a lot of grilled fish and fried rice to go after too, and various sushi and soup to follow them up with. We were determined to try out everything Yakimix has to offer heavy eating foodies like us. 
Despite being seasoned eaters who devour mountains like molehills, we ended up overwhelmed by all the meat and other stuff we had. There was so much shrimp and tempura (not enough for MC alone) and grilled meat to deal with, and the fried rice was really heavy. Partly at fault was the tendency to drink a lot of lemonade. The attempt to sample everything went on with hilarious results.
Eventually, MC barely had room for dessert, and I was too stuffed to even move around. We were at least careful not to leave as much left-overs as we could, but to put it bluntly, we’ve eaten more than we expected we could…
In the end, the buffet at Yakimix was a really big challenge for us. There were indeed so much to choose from, all delicious and filling to the extent of making one turn into a glutton or have one’s intestines give up and burst, whichever comes first. Who could blame us? Everything tasted and smelled good.
Still, eating at Yakimix was a good experience. We have no regrets ending bloated there; if there is, it would be the failure to control our urges to take it slow and really savor everything properly . So much for trying to watch what we eat. I on the other hand, am determined to go back there someday and conquer Yakimix’s throng of dishes. Until the next food trip, it would be L-carnitine and lots of work-outs for me and MC. Of course, it would be a while until the opportunity for another food raid came.