Aikyatchi: Slump

When I opened “Unlimited Grub Grabs” last year, I meant for this blog to be an outlet for me to express my passion for food. Of course, this has been limited to thoughts on trips to restaurants and food shops, and the several times my siblings and I eat out.

I realized that being a foodie goes beyond seeking good food. I’ve learned that food is important in a place’s culture, that what is served in a certain place tells something about the people that go there, the surroundings, the music and other forms of recreation… For me, food is an aspect of human nature that needs to be learned and understood.

While the realization that finding greater things beyond the love of food is evident, I also realized I about to lose sight of this. Being alone most of the time, along with life’s constraints and priorities have changed my mindset about food: Three meals a day and that’s it.

This is, perhaps, another reason I haven’t been writing here… I’m actually entering a slump, to the point that I was no longer eating for pleasure or enlightenment, but just for survival.. That, or maybe I’m just getting lonely and depressed. Or maybe I’m losing inspiration. Whatever.

That’s it, I ran out of words to say.

Maybe I needed a break. Or something to inspire me and ignite my passion… Maybe I need a drink. Or maybe I have to do something, like a night-out, or a trip to the outdoors, or a vacation in Pampanga. Or some event for foodies like me. Or a restaurant tour. Or several restaurant tours. I don’t know.


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