Episode 7: The BGC Passion Fest 2010 Food Tour! (Part 1)

Around 70 foodies, bloggers, and critics gathered at Bonifacio High Street for the BGC Passion Fest Food Tour on May 1. We were to go around Bonifacio Global City and sample the food of seven of BGC’s top food shops.

The tour started at Serendra, home to fine dining, shopping, and some of the best residences in BGC.
The park-like setting is a great place to begin our adventure. (Why I suddenly imagined playing “Crisis Zone” is beyond me, but I digress.)

Our first stop at the BGC Passion Fest Food Tour was Cupcakes by Sonja, incidentally our starting point. Desserts first before the main course? Works for me. XD

Cupcakes by Sonja opened on September 21, 2006 at Serendra, Bonifacio High Street, and is said to be the first of its kind. I read somewhere that its owner, Sonja Ocampo, reportedly worked for the Magnolia Bakery in New York, which is said to be associated the recent resurgence of interest in cupcakes, and was featured in the TV seried “Sex and the City”, but that’s another story.
The shop is quite small, but it shows off the ambience of a specialty bakeshop with its simple but cute designs and decorations. The cupcakes seem to be baked early or on the day itself, which works as a promise to its customers that everything’s fresh and all.
Cupcakes had us sample five of its creations: Chocolate Overload (Valrhona chocolate cupcake filled with ganache and topped with velvety chocolate cream),
Melt In Your Mouth Flourless Chocolate Cupcake (a dense Valrhona flourless chocolate cupcake),
Red Velvet Vixen (traditional southern cupcake made with Belgian cocoa and cream cheese icing),

Choco Cream Pie (Belgian chocolate cream in Oreo crust and topped with whipped cream and Oreo bits),

and Vanilla Sunshine (a classic yellow cupcake topped with vanilla butter cream).

My personal favorite was the Melt In Your Mouth Flourless Chocolate Cupcake, which was so soft to the palate and velvety too. The chocolate was not so sweet, but the cupcake base gives a hint of richness in it.

The Red Velvet Vixen has a sugary taste to it, while the Vanilla Sunshine’s flavor was more subtle. The Choco Cream Pie was delicious through and through. The Chocolate Overload? It’s so mouth-watering and chocolatey, it leaves a giddy feeling similar to falling in love, or having love-induced diabetes.

I heard from Ivan Man Dy that the Red Velvet Vixen is also called the Red Cross Cupcake, simply because part of Sonja’s sales from the cupcake goes to the Philippine National Red Cross. How’s that for a good cause?

While the cupcakes are kinda pricey, it seems all worth the try. Anyone who wants to try something new aside from the usual cakes and pastries would have a good sugar rush out of these treats from Cupcakes by Sonja.
Thing is, since a lot of people flock here and hang out from time to time, you might end up waiting in line or out of cupcakes… because of which you would end up walking towards its neighbor and rival, Miss Desserts… Ironically, the second stop of our tour.


Up next: The second food stop! Still craving for more desserts?!


(Check out the rest of our pictures at the BGC Passion Fest Food Tour at my Flicker account.)


Cupcakes by Sonja

1C03 Serendra
Bonifacio Global City
Telephone Number: (632) 8560308
Email Address: cupcakesbysonja@gmail.com

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