Episode 7: The BGC Passion Fest 2010 Food Tour! (Part 2)

Just when we were about to finish our cupcakes, Ivan Man Dy directed us to the second stop of our food tour at Bonifacio Global City: another dessert shop.

Right beside Cupcakes by Sonja is Miss Desserts, which I’ve heard is known for its wide selection of cakes and pastries, most especially cheesecakes. Makes me think, where was I when I was craving for all of these sweets a long time ago?

Miss Desserts served us with three of its best selections: the Almond Espresso Cheesecake (a creamy cheesecake with coffee and caramel complimented by almonds), the Butter Cake (a melt-in-your mouth butter cake), and the Ultimate Brownies – rich chocolate brownies topped with walnut and semi-sweet chocolate and caramel).

The Almond Espresso Cheesecake was the best I’ve tasted in the bunch, with its subtle taste and the melt in your mouth feeling that stays in your mouth(okay, I admit – I’m a sucker for cheesecakes). Ditto for the Butter Cake. The Ultimate Brownies are tasty and filling; they are somewhat like glorified brownies at first glance but the taste of the chocolate and caramel does more than enough to justify its goodness.

I’ve learned that a lot of people like the treats from Miss Desserts because they are not so sugary but sweet nonetheless. The shop also has a wider range of choices for desserts. The ambience is quiet and comforting, with its simple, green and pink interior and toned down music, making it a nice place to hang out in.

All of the shop’s cakes, on the other hand, are kinda pricey but worth the cost. Oh, and you can get whole cakes from them if you feel like it.

I made a big boo-boo this early at the tour. I failed to realize that I’ve been eating so many desserts that I’m supposed to be preparing for the next few stops, where there’s so much more o eat and drink. Simply put, I was already full. My brother MC is a sucker for desserts; I won’t be surprised that he’d be able to eat a lot of those desserts, but me? Not so much.

Luckily for us, our next destination took a few minutes of walking, which is actually enough to make my stomach digest the rest of the sugar I’ve had so far. This, unfortunately, did not prepare me enough for what we were to encounter on our next food stop: Polu Kai Grill. Here comes the main course.


Up next: Spam musubi! Pineapples! Kero-chan gets noticed?!


(Check out the rest of our pictures at the BGC Passion Fest Food Tour at my Flicker account.)


Miss Desserts

Unit 1C04 Serendra Piazza Fort Bonifacio
Taguig, Philippines
Telephone Number: (02) 856-1429


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