Episode 7: The BGC Passion Fest 2010 Food Tour! (Part 3)

After having our fill of desserts, Ivan Man Dy led us to the third stop of the BGC Passion Fest Food Tour: Polu Kai Grill, a Hawaiian island-themed restaurant in Serendra. Aloha, new cuisine of interest!

The moment the group entered Polu Kai (which means “blue ocean” in Hawaiian) and I beheld the fishes and tiki figures leering at me, I thought I’d be caught unprepared for the cuisine and end up overwhelmed and bloated before my time. Turns out, I was wrong.

Polu Kai seems to be made with families and large groups out for a special meal in mind. The ambience overall was awesome, with its beach-side feel and quiet, relaxing interior.

(Ivan also said that Polu Kai offers the cheapest beer in BGC, and they are also giving a 50% off on all Hawaiian inspired cocktails. Spending a quiet time at a beach-like environment with a cocktail on hand? Bring in a hammock and I am SO there. XD)

A while ago I mentioned that I was apprehensive with what we’re having at Polu Kai since I’ve eaten one too many pastries back at Sonja’s and Miss Desserts, and then here’s the main course. It turned out that dining there would end up being a pleasant experience, which even energized the gourmand in me.

First on the line-up was a fresh pineapple shake, served in a pineapple shell, where else. It was cool and refreshing, and it helped me really digest everything I’ve had so far… and then there were refills. A few sips later, and I was ready for the main event!

On the buffet table were three dishes: Spam Musubi, Hawaii’s version of the Japanese onigiri (Spam with Teriyaki glaze over flavored rice), Surf and Turf (grilled prawn and sausage skewers), and Fish & Fish (golden fried cream dory with tartar sauce).

MC and I loved the Spam Musubi the most. The Spam and the Teriyaki glaze, followed by the nori wrap was excellent! It made for a great snack (Hawaiians are said to like this as a snack as well) that is light but satisfying.

The prawn in the Surf and Turf was good, lightly roasted and a bit juicy with a fresh taste on it. Ditto with the sausage that came with it.

The cream dory was lightly fried and juicy, and made better with its semi-spicy breading and the sweet and sour taste of the tartar sauce. I liked it even without the tartar sauce. For some reason, I was wishing I had rice; never mind that I’d be bloated.)

Polu Kai really knew how to make a taster’s sampler fit for a gourmand. The Spam Musubi, Surf and Turf, and Fish and Fish complemented each other so well, despite the distinctive tastes they blended so well it made for a feast for the tastebuds.

Ivan came to our table while MC and I were having fun with our samplers. We earlier met him at the registration area where we were asking whether we could still be accommodated even though we were waitlisted. Looks like he was delighted that we made it in. Then, he sort of blurted out one question that caught me off guard:

“What’s with the doll?”

Ivan was referring to Kero-chan.

All I can say is, well, thanks to Ivan, looks like Kero-chan is now recognized as my official mascot. Which is why he’s here in the first place. I mentioned this to MC as we left Polu Kai a bit later, and he just laughed it off.

Without further ado, the group walked on away from Serendra and into Bonifcaio High Street. After a few photo-ops and taking some time to appreciate the artworks, we went to our next food stop.

Thank you, Polu Kai, for giving me the strength (and the digestive juices) to continue with the food tour. Until our next visit, mahalo (goodbye in Hawaiian)!

Up next: Time to take things slow! What’s this, pasta?!


(Check out the rest of our pictures at the BGC Passion Fest Food Tour at my Flicker account.)


Polu Kai Grill

Unit 128- 130
G/F Shops, Serendra
Telephone Number: (632) 901-1841.


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