Episode 7: The BGC Passion Fest 2010 Food Tour! (Part 4)

We walked for a few minutes from Serendra to Bonifacio High Street, the hang-out of choice  in BGC. This is where BCG offers a diverse array of cuisines, the latest in fashion and technology, health and beauty, and other special interests. Truly, Bonifacio High Street represents  the good life.

Looks like from Hawaii, we’re about to jump (sort of) to Italy. Our next stop at the BGC Passion Fest Food Tour is the Italian-American restaurant, Italianni’s.

Wait, Italianni’s?!

To quote Italianni’s home page: “Traditionally, Italian restaurants have been owned by families using recipes and cooking skills in herited from the old country and served with warmhearted hospitality. Italian restaurants have been synonymous with warm, friendly, and aimed to please their guests and make them feel at home. At Italianni’s we believe in making our guests feel like they’re in an Italian family villa.”

And this is how the 70+ participants of the food tour (okay, it’s now 70 and 1/10, including Kero-chan) was welcomed when we entered Italianni’s. The staff was warm and accommodating, and the place was cozy. Kinda surprising that  they were able to take all of us in too.

Italianni’s doesn’t need an introduction. Italianni’s is known all over the world; this restaurant chain is popular for having one of the most authentic Italian recipes of all. If I remember correctly, Ivan Man Dy said this place was called Italian-American because it’s Italian cuisine introduced by way of American ingredients and stuff. I got it, somehow. XD

First in was some Dalandan Juice, which is just enough to cool us down after that short walk (seriously, it’s a short walk, but under the El Nino sun? This is refreshing.).

Next was one of Italianni’s best sellers, Shrimp Mushroom Linguini (shrimps and mushroom sautéed in garlic, olive oil and tossed in linguine with marinara sauce). This came in with some focaccia (baked flat bread) with olive oil and balsamic vinegar mixed into a sauce.

The last dish is another best seller, Classico Pizza (thin crust pizza with Italian sausage, mushrooms and peppers with mozzarella and Romano cheese).

The Shrimp Mushroom Linguini was spicy and tangy, with the fresh taste of the shrimp and mushroom blending well with the marinara sauce and the al dente linguine noodle. The Classico Pizza was flavorful, chewy and strangely light to the stomach.

For a moment I thought my stomach would be overwhelmed, especially that Italian cuisine involves pizza and pasta (which is right in this case). I was relieved that despite the small but heavy samples I was able to take them all in. It was a good intro to Italian cuisine, without the heavy belly.

Will you believe me if I tell you that this would be my first time to eat here? I don’t get to eat out a lot so being here like this is already special for me. Maybe someday I’d save up and really plan to eat here. Someday.

After about 20 minutes at Italianni’s, it was time to move on to the next few sights around Bonifacio High Street, and eventually, to our fifth food stop.

Up next: Come sit by the Kuishinbou Chojutsuka and his doll! We have pineapples!


(Check out the rest of our pictures at the BGC Passion Fest Food Tour at my Flicker account.)


Quadrant 5, Space 1E14, Bonifacio High St., Bonifacio Global City
Telephone Number: (02) 8564094 and (02)8563890


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