Episode 7: The BGC Passion Fest 2010 Food Tour! (Part 6)

A few minutes away from The Stock Market is The Fort Strip, one of Metro Manila’s top locations for gimmicks and night-outs. The Fort Strip is home to many of  BGC’s clubs, lounges, restaurants and coffee shops. Also what seems to be MC’s favorite hang-out place.

So when we ended up in front of the Trio Family Style Italian Bistro, he gave me a surprised look… Probably because he’s been at The Fort Strip often and he didn’t expect this to be part of the food tour, but I digress.

Trio  integrates the concept of a modern Italian bistro, pizzeria,and wine bar. This place specializes in classic Italian entrees, authentic thin crust pizzas, homemade pastas,and freshly made desserts. Worth noting is its wide selection of wines from the Old and New world.

(Old World wine is made in Europe and the Mediterranean countries, while New World wine comes from non-traditional wine-making areas such as the United States. Fact, fact. XD)

It’s surprising that except for a few blog posts and entries in directories, Trio is not well known. Unlike the similarly-themed Italianni’s, Trio’s has a classy feel to it with its contemporary, elegantly designed and stylish interior. It still has the look of a family restaurant despite the classy features. Perhaps it’s because Trio and other similar places are overshadowed by The Fort Strip’s lounges and party spots. I guess Trio would be considered as a gem for the discriminating diner.

First to be served to the group is Cannelloni, rolled pasta sheets stuffed with beef and spinach, and topped with béchamel crème sauce and parmesan cheese. The cannelloni smelled so good. The pasta was so soft to the tongue, and the beef and spinach stuffing had a subtle taste that blended really well with the creamy sauce. The canneloni itself was so filling.

The next dish was Osso Buco with Portobello Risotto, braised beef on top of creamy risotto. (“Osso buco” in Italian loosely means bone with a hole.)

The osso buco’s meat was soft and juicy. The spices are all there playing with your tongue, bringing out an exciting mix of flavors. The risotto was less creamy and flavorful than the risotto we had at The Stock Market, but it was able to bring out the flavor of the meat.

The last to arrive on our table was the Pizza Capricciosa, a thin crust pizza with hard boiled eggs and the usual pizza toppings.

The Pizza Capricciosa was the trickiest of the three. The unique aspect of this pizza is that it had hardboiled egg on top of it. This added an extra kick on the freshly oven-baked crispy thin crust, and the toppings… Ah, who am I kidding? I LOVE this pizza! It’s so delicious and flavorful, I felt like having seconds, or thirds even. Way to go though, Kero-chan, for aiming at the last slice of the pizza. (-_-;)

Before we reached Trio, we passed by a branch of Fitness First at The Fort Strip. As we stopped there, Ivan Man Dy remarked that we’ve been taking in and burning calories here and there. Which makes me think, all those carbs and sugars, proteins, calcium, fiber and vitamins are swimming so well in our stomachs, which means it’s a struggle between burning calories and storing them in our bellies.

Let’s see, then… One cupcake would be equivalent to 50 sit-ups, a Spam Musubi would need 10 minutes on the treadmill at six kilometers per hour, risotto equals 20 push-ups…

Wait a minute, what was I thinking? The food tour isn’t even over! This is NOT the time to think of going to the gym!

Up next: This is it, the final lap! The time has come to party! Wait, there’s a Chocnut in my martini?!


(Check out the rest of our pictures at the BGC Passion Fest Food Tour at my Flicker account.)


Trio Family Style Italian Bistro

2nd floor Fort Pointe Building
The Fort Strip, Bonifacio Global City
Telephone Number: (02) 884-1601
E-mail address: trioresturant@yahoo.com


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