Episode 7: The BGC Passion Fest 2010 Food Tour! (Part 7)

At last, we have reached the end of the BGC Passion Fest Food Tour. Throughout the day, we filled ourselves with sweets (Cupcakes by Sonja’s and Miss Desserts), visited a Hawaiian beach, sort of (Polu Kai Grill), took a slow walk to an Italian villa (Italianni’s), rushed through pineapple fields (The Stock Market), and munched our way to the classy side of Italy (Trio).

To complete the tour, Ivan Man Dy led us to our last stop, a large building just a few meters away from Trio with a simple facade…

“Hey, I’m supposed to hang out here later tonight,” MC said.

Amber Ultralounge, which opened on August 2009, is owned by partner-entrepreneurs Conrad and Kay Alcantara, Kim Liu III, Howard Gotauco Co, and Jessie Suaco. (Conrad and Kay Alcanatara own Trio too; Amber was their way to venture at the nightlife industry.)

The lounge is classified as a modern “hybrid” bar, meaning it’s a chill-out spot, a dance club, and party place all at the same time. Apparently, it also caters to corporate meetings, after parties, and other special events.

The place has two floors. The first is where the dance floor (and the party, XD) is at. The second is a VIP mezzanine called “Scarlet”, where wine, single malts, and bubbly drinks are served to patrons who want a subdued moment away from the crowd.

Amber has a stylish, comfortable interior. The lounge was designed by architect Ed Calma, who used ergonomic, aesthetic and conducive elements to complement its “state of the art” lighting and sound system.
The lounge serves mojitos, their best-sellers, as well as muddled drinks and other spirits. Their menu is also something not to miss; signature pizzas such as five-cheese, vegetarian, and shrimps and scallops are some of the must try treats.

MC said he goes to Amber with his friends often, especially on weekends. He says he usually hanging out at the Scarlet mezzanine, which if I remember correctly is reserved for VIPs. He adds that it’s a nice place overall, but really expensive. Being a mere writer whose only concept of hanging out is being in some bar in Malate drinking sake or San Miguel Beer, I’ll take his word for it.

Amber Ultralounge served three cocktails for us to try.

First up was the Coco Lychee Smash Margarita. The coconut and lychee mix is refreshing, a bit sweet and not as hard (alcohol-wise) as I expected. This is something you’d be drinking while lounging at a bar on a warm, summer night while looking at the starry sky and the sea from the horizon. Which reminds me of Polu Kai, but I digress.

The second drink offered to us was the Strawberry Mojito. This cocktail is sweet (strawberry) with a hint of spicy (mint), resulting in a somewhat cool and refreshing aftertaste. Apparently, this is also the drink everyone liked the most. Definitely a must try for every cocktail party.

The third was the Chocolate Martini. Bartender, what’s a Chocnut doing in my Martini? The Martini kinda burned my throat, but the Chocnut tones down the liquor’s strong flavor. The result of the combination is a strong taste for drinkers who’d like to try something new.

Amber Ultralounge also prepared Boneless Buffalo Chicken to go with the drinks. Of course, what’s a few drinks without beermates? The chicken is spicy and juicy, exactly what I wanted along with the cocktail samples I’ve imbibed so far.

MC and I took the time to look around, meet some of the participants, and have our pictures with Ivan Man Dy. It was the best way to wrap things up. For us and everyone else, Amber was the perfect place to cool down, socialize, and cap such a wonderful experience. The last thing to do… was to party! Wait, how about a few more drinks? More buffalo wings? Maybe I should save up and come back here instead to fully experience the place.

Wait, where’s Kero-chan?


(Photos of Amber’s facade and cocktails courtesy of Amber Ultralounge. Check out the rest of our pictures at the BGC Passion Fest Food Tour at my Flicker account.)


Amber Ultralounge

The Fort Strip, Bonifacio Global City
Telephone Numbers: (0917) 8508088 / (02) 8876838

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