Episode 7: The BGC Passion Fest 2010 Food Tour! (Epilogue)

How long has it been? It’s been over a week since the Passion Fest Food tour at Bonifacio Global City, but I’ve yet to get over the excitement brought by learning about so many dishes and seeing food spots I could only visit in my dreams. First timer’s hangover much?

I’ve thought of myself most of the time as a gourmand, one who appreciates food, or a glutton to some extent. Admittedly, that’s because I prefer my food in big quantities, at reasonable prices, with the look and flavor that can attract my attention.

That changed after this tour.

Throughout the food tour, I felt that my ultimate goal was to shift to being a gourmet, an expert in the art of food. And why not? There was so much to learn in all the places we visited.

At Cupcakes by Sonja and Miss Desserts, I feelt the need to learn how to distinguish certain tastes from desserts, instead of just calling each one simply sweet or nutty or cheesy. Eating at Polu Kai Grill was a learning experience, since I’ve not really delved into flavors from other cuisines such as Hawaiian cuisine.

My visit at Italianni’s and The Stock Market changed my views about restaurants, chain or otherwise. Trio, which offered a stricter look into yet another cuisine (Italian), gave me an eye opener on eating in style. Amber Ultralounge? Let’s say this guy whose only concept of fun was drinking sake and going to bars to watch UFC was in for a culture shock, but in a good way.

I eventually learned that in a sense I was neither a gourmet nor a gourmand after all; I was just someone who loved his food, not to excess but not enough to be knowledgeable about it. In a way, as far as looks and expertise I felt I was way below the level of the bloggers, writers, food critics. What a downer!

Despite my massive drop in self-confidence, I felt that this food tour was just what I needed after all to get my spirits up, especially with the slump that has all but extinguished my drive to write about food. After all, I write after my experiences and my thoughts first before anything else. Judging by the last posts I’ve had, somehow my feelings – and surprisingly, my tastebuds and appetite – are now more in synch than before.

Much could be said about how the Passion Fest Food Tour changed me as a writer and a food lover, but what I probably would not be able to express properly is that I learned so much, and someday, I can see myself as a better foodie, critic, and Kuishinbou Chojutsuka than before.

Well, I’m hungry. I want something hot and salty, something fishy and bursting with fat… Something with Omega-3. With seaweed. Ah, whatever. I think I’m more inspired to get myself something delicious on the way home.

With this, I’d like to give my special thanks to:

Bonifacio Global City,
Ivan Man Dy from Old Manila Walks,
Cupcakes by Sonja (Serendra),
Miss Desserts (Serendra),
Polu Kai Grill (Serendra),
Italianni’s (Bonifacio High Street),
The Stock Market and The Ice Cream Bar, (Bonifacio High Street),
Trio (The Fort Strip),
Amber Ultralounge (The Fort Strip),
My brother MC,
All the bloggers, foodies, and critics who came along with us,
and of course, my blog mascot Kero-chan!

See you in the next food adventure! Gouchisousama deshita!


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