Aikyatchi: Clean-up Time

Because I’ve decided I’m taking blogging and food writing as seriously as I can, I took the time to clean up a bit and add bits and pieces that can help me attract more visitors to this site. I can’t believe this is such hard work, but I had it coming!

1200H: The first entry for this post. Started looking for widgets to add to Unlimited Grub Grabs. At the same time I’m looking for recipes for Spam musubi.

1234H: Added a hit counter. Memo to me: buy nori and try making Spam musubi. Hope local rice works.

1236H: Registered to MyBlogLog. Hopefully I get visitors who’d register with me.

1240H: Internet Explorer crashes right after entering MyBlogLog. Time to rehydrate.

1300: Posted an authentication link from MyBlogLog so that I can work on my widgets.

1324H: Tried to grab MyBlogLog from another site, but failed. How come MyBlogLog has classified me as a porn site? I don’t have adult content!

1328H: Removed the authentication link. I now just proved to myself that I own Unlimited Grub Grabs. What the heck.

1333H: I now have MyBlogLog and a hit counter on my site. Sweet!

1345H: A certain “haitromoi7” dropped by my site. Looks like my widgets are working. Dropped by Chocolatier Maxx and Kate the cat lover’s site while I’m at it.

1630H: Opened my blog at work. So far, so good. Started fixing the posts; I noticed the spaces between the pictures and the titles are too bunched up close.

1830H: Checked my Flickr account. Paksiw na bangus (boiled pickled milkfish) and pineapples for dinner.

2100H: Defragged my laptop. Still working on the posts and the pictures from Flickr.

2307H: Finished editing my posts. Still have a lot to edit over the Flickr page, especially the picture titles. That’s it, I’m pooped.


I still have a lot to do to improve this blog. As I said earlier I hope I could attract more readers and gain more ideas for food articles, and perhaps meet other fellow foodies along the way. Then again, an attractive blog doesn’t always mean a good writer, so I’ll work on that part as hard as I can.

In the meantime, I need something else to write about. XP

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