Side Story: The Duncan Macleod cocktail! In the end, there can only be drunk!

Some of us probably recognize Duncan Macleod, one of the most famous characters of the Highlander franchise. Duncan is one of the most epic Immortals out there. He fights for justice. He cuts down villainous Immortals. He protects the innocent, especially those he cherishes the most.  He’s beaten Connor Macleod (the other Highlander). And yes, he wields a katana.
Today, the Highlander franchise isn’t as popular as before, but Duncan’s memory lives on, not only through reruns at SyFy Channel, but also through a cocktail made to honor this great Immortal. Yes, Barangay Ginebra. There IS a cocktail named “Duncan Macleod”… as if you didn’t know. XD
In my last visit at Cafe Vinny’s I shared to the staff the Duncan Macleod recipe to experiment on. Actually, we were talking about wines and cocktails and the idea of making a Duncan Macleod just slipped out of me, so yeah. Surprisingly, they were willing to make the cocktail.
Duncan Macleod is a type of sake cocktail. Nowadays, sake (Japanese rice wine) is mixed in a cocktail to reduce its alcohol content and enhance flavour. Sake serves as a replacement for vermouth in upscale bars and restaurants in the United States. I prefer my sake hot, but I digress.
The Duncan Macleod drink is named after, well, Duncan Macleod, who is basically “an English actor (Adrian Paul, represented by the Coca-Cola) that plays an immortal Scotsman (the Scotch whisky) with a Japanese blade (the sake).”
This is actually easy to make: all you need is Coca-Cola, mixed with equal parts of Scotch whisky, and pre-chilled sake over crushed ice in a beer mug. Just combine the sake and whisky, fill the mug with Coke, add a tablespoon of sugar, mix gently and serve.

Lyn the bartender mixed for us the basic Duncan Macleod recipe: one shot of sake (by the way, shochu can also be used), one shot of whisky, a tablespoon of sugar, crushed ice, and Coke. Making the cocktail turned out to be easier than I expected. Later on I told her that she would definitely enjoy learning bartending, which she agrees on. Hmm, I wonder where she is now. AAAnyway, it was eventually time to taste the cocktail.
Believe it or not, we were surprised by the result of the mix. Duncan Macleod turned out to a bit sweet, strong without too much of the alcohol aftertaste, and refreshing. One of the patrons even compared it to Whisky Punjabi, iced tea spiked with Scotch whisky. Well, we could have made the concoction stronger, after all (the usual recipe for this uses two shots of whisky instead of equal parts of everything).
An entry in my old blog featured Duncan Macleod with this endnote: “If you have the chance to taste this, get yourself a big trench coat, a long sword, and a ponytail. Afterwards, take the mug on one hand, your sword on the other, and then holler like you’re having the Quickening before chugging the thing. Just don’t do that when you’re in some neighborhood with the ambience of a nunnery lest you get your head chopped.”
It’s too bad that Cafe Vinny’s is already closed. I wonder if they would improve on the Duncan Macleod and make it a part of their menu, if the place reopens, that is. It’s wishful thinking, but not as impossible as looking for a bar that would serve me one.

Duncan Macleod is one of the many alcoholic drinks I’d like to try out (subverted because I already did). Never mind that I’m past my alcohol-imbibing prime, if it’s for the sake for seeking out good beverages, I’m game (as long as I don’t overdrink XD). In fact, the world of cocktails is so huge, there are hundreds of other mixes out to be sampled out there, such as the usual zombie, rhum cola, Bloody Mary, Sex on The Beach…
And then there are the cocktails that I’ve yet to find and taste, with more expensive and rare stuff and even stranger names to boot. I mean, sure we have a cocktail named after an Immortal, but where do we hear something about an obscenely-named cocktail, a drink named after Satan’s whiskers, a green guy with anger management problems, or the Four Horsemen of the Apocalyse… or even something named after an anime character, say, Sailor Mercury?


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