Aikyatchi: The Winners of Ultimate Taste Test 5.0!

Finally, the results of Ultimate Taste Test 5.0 are out!
Last November 5, about 50 food establishments gathered at the NBC Tent, and had their best products placed under the scrutiny of hundreds of food lovers and critics. Everyone had their fill of dishes of all kinds, desserts, drinks, and pastries from those that take pride of themselves as some of the best in and outside Metro Manila.

Just last weekend (December 17), Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet, the event organizer, released the list of the winners of the food tasting event; namely, those who got an average rating of 3.3 and above. 27 establishments made the cut.

These are:

1. Risa Chocolates – 4.14
The truffles and chocolates here were my personal favorite in this event. So sweet and soft to the palate, it warms the heart just savoring it. 
2. Pepita’s Lechon – 4.13
3. Mother Lee’s Hungarian Goulash – 4.11
4. Chef Lolly’s Pork with Shrimp Siomai – 3.97
I didn’t get to taste any of those though. Boo-hoo.
5. YOH-GEE Premium Froyo – 3.87
6. Dulcelin Gourmet’s Korean Red Rice Salad and Hickory Smoked US Pork Belly – 3.86
Biting on this juicy, tender pork dish is a wonderful experience.
7. Angelo Yaneza’s Honey Shrimp Paste – 3.82
8. Kitchen ala Ching’s Oatmeal Cookies – 3.79
9. Edible Option’s Sausages – 3.77
10. XOCOLAT’s Bake-to-Order Cookies – 3.77

11. Hacienda Macalauan’s Fresh Milk & Yoghurt – 3.74
12. Christa’s Kitchen French Macarons – 3.73
13. Merry Moo Ice Creamery’s Artisan Ice Cream – 3.72
I would have asked for more ice cream, but I got distracted by the sexy, so to speak 😛
14.Manila Q’s Bagwang and Fish Ham – 3.72
15. Hearty Onion’s Pandan-Wrapped Salmon – 3.71
Repeat after me: “Salmon is luv, salmon is luv…”
16. Bote Central’s Freshly Roasted Coffee – 3.69
17. Dessert Barn’s Amnesia & Bananalicious – 3.68
18. Mama P’s Bagnet & Longganiza – 3.68
19. Jan Viray’s Just Desserts – 3.67
20. Marketing’s Organic Gourmet Tea – 3.66
I do drink coffee, but I take tea, my dear, just like the Englishman in New York that Sting sings often about.
21. Sweet Finale’s Dark Chocolate Flourless Cake – 3.62
22. Sassy K’s Korn Krisp and Gourmet Dips – 3.62
23. Dulces Y Tapas aka Christina’s Kitchen – 3.60
24. United Village Breadhouse’s Crostini Toasts – 3.60
 The first item I tried at UTT 5.0. Who would have known that bread and spread can taste so… homey?
25. Kitchen of Elaine & Cara’s Peppermint Bars – 3.59
26. Aunt May’s Escargot and Beef Tapa – 3.57
27. Fortune Empire’s Roast Pork – 3.55

Click on the links here to know more about winners #1-10, #11-20, and #21-27, respectively.

Congratulations to the winners! I look forward to the next Ultimate Taste Test!

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