Aikyatchi: Goodbye, RPN9?

For quite some time I’ve been hearing bits of info about RPN 9’s privatization, but none of them prepared me for this: it seems RPN 9  is signing off next week.

The employees don’t know what’s going on. The management hasn’t (allegedly) said anything, whether about the network’s privatization, or their eventual fate altogether.

If what I’ve heard about RPN 9 is correct, this means the higher-ups kept mum about their privatization efforts all this time, and then VOILA! Out of the blue, they say RPN 9 is closing, just like that. The worst is that the employees, the first who should know about this, learned about it somewhere else.

RPN 9’s employees don’t deserve this. Those people did everything they can to build up the station’s name, but they are kept in the dark about what’s in store for them. It’s enough that they’re not getting the due they deserve, they remained loyal to you despite it all; but this time the higher-ups have gone too far.

Those employees deserve respect. They must what’s gonna happen to them. They deserve to know they should do before RPN 9 closes down, gets privatized, sold, turned into a residential complex for crying out loud even!

So what the (bleep), Solar Entertainment and RPN 9! You owe these people so much, like a (bleep) (bleep) explanation for starters. Don’t push it!

The blogs of RPN 9’s chief reporter and one of our old pals better express how the people at the station feel right now.

I hope the employees of RPN 9 get what they deserve. So stay strong, people.

“Kung susuko rin lang sa huli, ano pa ang halaga ng pakikipaglaban? Sugod lang ng sugod, mananalo rin tayo! Pag-ibig, pag-ibig at pag-big pa rin!” (If we will surrender in the end, what’s the use of fighting? Press on, we will surely win! Love, love, and MORE LOVE!) – Orosman at Zafira

(Rambo rage)

2 thoughts on “Aikyatchi: Goodbye, RPN9?

  1. wayne moises March 12, 2015 / 10:53 am

    It's official the new network is about to begin on 3-16-2015 9TV became CNN Philippines the 24 hour news & information/public affairs channel the sister company of Time Warner Media/Turner Media Group led by Atlanta businessman & philanthropist Ted Turner the chairman of the board from Atlanta GA & the network becomes international network aired all programs like news/information talk public affairs & documentary & specials to air the new network soon. Thanks! From:Wayne


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