Episode 29: Ultimate Taste Test 6.0!

Unlimited Grub Grabs goes to UTT… Again! (Dang, I’ve always wanted to say something like that.)

Aspiring food critics gathered at the Rockwell Tent in Makati last September 3 for Ultimate Taste Test. This is the sixth installment of one of the biggest food tasting events in Metro Manila hosted by professional food blogger Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet.

UTT 6.0 features fifty-five food businesses, caterers, and restaurants showcasing their products, including those just about to be launched in the market. Restaurants from Rockwell also joined the event to introduce their best-sellers.

Various main dishes, snacks, drinks, and desserts were up for grabs for wannabe food critics to taste. The visitors then graded each establishment on a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the highest. Top raters will be featured on Our Awesome Planet.

Guests at UTT 6.0 were treated to lots of entertainment numbers that filled the event with a festive mood. Side events included trivia contests, live band music, even a cooking demo and some belly dancing.

Wait a minute, what am I doing? I’m supposed to be talking about our raid at UTT 6.0! This isn’t a news story, after all, and this is more than just a simple “I went to a food tasting event and ate lots of food” post. Ultimate Taste Test isn’t just about people tasting a lot of food and beverages. It’s about getting introduced to the world of food and flavors and savoring everthing that fuels one’s love of food and dining. So yeah.

UTT 6.0 started early, but MC and I made it to the Rockwell Tent only in the afternoon. Naturally, it was already crowded when we got there. The whole tent was filled with a festive, excited vibe, loud music, and the subtle scents of coffee, bread, and meat. We joined last year’s Ultimate Taste Test, so we already know what to do (aside from eating as little lunch as possible), but things are different this time.

Each visitor is given a passport to help them locate each establishment. The passports are signed by the stall keepers to keep track of the places one has visited. (Apparently, this is also to ensure nobody takes seconds. Good job.)

At this point, I’ll let our pictures from the event speak on the food and drinks we tasted and liked at UTT 6.0. Needless to say, we ate our way through the whole event and ended up very full and satisfied.

The callos and savoury tarts from Tina’s Pie Outlet was one of the first dishes we liked… Also, the callos tasted good with beer.

Big Daddy Jay’s pork barbecue is juicy, tender, melts in your mouth, melt-in-your-mouth fatty goodness.

The flavored kefirs from Yoh-gee look good, but nothing beats the plain stuff.

The chevre with garlic and fresh herbs was my favorite among Gourmet Keso’s products.

Jamaican patties. ‘Nuff said.

 Chili chocolate macarons?

 Have some stone-cold cookie dough mochikos.

Parmesan chicken sticks from Almost Gourmet.

Vegetable lavosh chips… First time to have one of these.

MC liked the coffee, but the teas were the ones that won me over.

Fruit jams from The Fruit Garden. Now if we have peanut butter…

Again with the dark chocolate and chili. Mmm, dark chocolate and chili…

Non-alcoholic cocktails are good too.

Breads can never get as simple as this.

Merry Moo Ice Cream. That is all.

Kero-chan appears!

Here’s a leche flan cheesecake. I know someone who may like this.

The cupcakes from Cupcake Boutique were really sweet. Not that we’re complaining.

Finally, a bottle of San Miguel Premium All-Malt Beer to wash everything all down.

As always, MC and I enjoyed being food critics even for a day., and saying we’re looking forward to the next food tasting event is an understatement. Until then, we’ll be here, seeking out culinary delights wherever we go, ’cause where there’s good food, there Unlimited Grub Grabs shall be. (Hey, that sounds like a good tagline.)


One thought on “Episode 29: Ultimate Taste Test 6.0!

  1. Arman Cruz September 14, 2011 / 9:31 am

    thank you for dropping by our booth and sampling our smoked pork ribs at UTT 6.0…hope you can also visit us at midnight mercato…all the best !Ian Cruz (Big Daddy Jay's All American BBQ)


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