Unlimited Grub Grabs, Year 2~

I am the soul of the gourmand.
Good food fuels my body, and good wine burns my blood.
I have tasted hundreds of dishes
Regardless of cuisine yet mindful of the price.
I seek great-tasting food and drinks.
My heart will only be satisfied by the best.
And so I invite you to my UNLIMITED GRUB GRABS.

Happy second anniversary, yay!
Seriously, much has happened since I started my adventures as a food writer. It’s good to be able to eat so much, travel much, and write about them. This year was quite different.
I’ve visited so many places throughout the year that I couldn’t write about all of them so quickly. At the same time, I’ve continued researching on more places to visit, including those that are already well known, and those interesting finds that more people should know about.
Recently, I’ve become more confident when it comes to food raids. A long time ago, I was afraid that I’d run out of money while dining, eat a bad dish or something I don’t understand. Not so much nowadays. Dining out has become more pleasurable and educational. Being prepared is a good thing.
On the other hand, certain food raids can get difficult. Many of the places I’ve been to are too expensive. Some were just too far away to come back to, and others I could not visit because of more pressing matters (such as work or family). I have to admit, there was also a point when I felt too lazy to work on my blog.  Maybe it’s because I got too busy and I couldn’t go anywhere. My health condition is another story.
The biggest milestone for me was that I’ve started working out again. Now having a regular exercise routine and eating out may be counterproductive to each other, but I’ve found a way to reconcile those two. All I had to do was eat just what I need, burn more calories, and choose what would nourish me. Bonus points for having a program to follow while working out. Also, less rice and/or potatoes, or more of one than the other. I’ll tackle this in a later post. (By the way, I also started attending yoga classes. You can really work up a sweat with yoga.)
Buddha Power

Just several weeks ago, I joined the Sooo Pinoy Ultimate Blogger contest. The winner will have the chance to go on a food tour around the country for 30 days. More pigging out, and all to promote the Philippines and Filipino cuisine. It’s rather farfetched, given by blogging situation, but I hope I win.

I’m looking forward to visiting more food places (and writing more), trying out new dishes, losing more weight, and becoming a healthier, happier food blogger. It’s rather farfetched but I’ll get there.
Here’s to another year of Unlimited Grub Grabs!

Ramen, anyone?”

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