Aikyatchi: Ano’ng Ulam Mo?

Just last week, I started writing for a new segment for “Andar ng mga Balita,” our flagship newscast on Aksyon TV Ch. 41. It’s a light segment called “Ano’ng Ulam Mo?” (roughly translated as “What Are You Eating?”), which is all about food, or the stuff we eat for dinner.

We started “Ano’ng Ulam Mo” several months ago, though it was just a one-shot segment (which featured barbecue). It took me a while to think about reviving it, and when I suggested it to our executive producer, he was open to the idea. I submitted a sample script for it the next week, and voila! I now have to write for this segment.

Working on “Ano’ng Ulam Mo” is quite an adventure for me. I have to think about what I will write about weeks in advance. We’re also required to have a sample dish to present on air (our anchor Martin Andanar doesn’t do taste tests though, but someone else does), and since we have limited resources here, the dishes we’ll show must be easy to cook or buy somewhere.

Still, the segment is a good way to reach out to audiences – by finding out what they’re having for dinner, and sharing tips and facts about what they can cook and serve at dinnertime.

I’m still having a hard time working on the topics for the next few weeks, but that’s all right. I find the thrill of finding out what to eat next very exciting.

From this time onward, I’ll be posting the food I write about for “Ano’ng Ulam Mo” for the whole week, so readers can find out what the segment is all about and what we’ve featured so far.

Better yet, tune in to “Andar ng mga Balita” every Monday to Friday, from 6:30 to 7:30pm on Aksyon TV Ch. 41.


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