Ano’ng Ulam Mo? Week 1

Week 1 of the revived “Andar ng mga Balita” segment “Ano’ng Ulam Mo?”, now written by yours truly, is a tribute to Chinese New Year. We featured several food items served during Chinese New Year to usher in good luck, and explained (in a nutshell) what each dish means.

Monday: Tikoy (nian gao) – The phrase “nian gao” means “higher year,” or an improvement in status in the coming year. Tikoy symbolizes unity and closeness in the family. It is also served as an offering to the Chinese Kitchen God so that he would say good things about your family to the other gods.
Featured dish: Fried tikoy

Tuesday: Fish – Fish is served in relation to the phrase that roughly means “may you have surpluses”. The Chinese word for fish, in fact, means “surpluses” or additional wealth.
Featured dish: Escabecheng maya-maya

Wednesday: Spring rolls – Spring rolls look like gold or silver bars, which symbolize wealth. They are originaly filled with vegetables to symbolize the coming of spring.
Featured dish: Spring rolls

Thursday: Chicken – The scratching of a chicken (“kwei”) is a sign of incoming good luck. It also symbolizes loyalty and the unity of family. It is paired with so-called “dragon” dishes such as lobster, as it symbolizes the phoenix, a lucky animal for couples. A chicken dish is expected to be served with the head and feet intact.
Featured dish: Chicken galantina (served with the head and feet intact)

Friday: Noodles – Noodles, a staple in Chinese cuisine, symbolizes longevity. It is said that one should not cut noodles while eating.
Featured dish: Pancit miki-bihon


Tune in to “Andar ng mga Balita” every Monday to Friday, 6:30 to 7:30pm on Aksyon TV Channel 41 for news, information, and facts about FOOD!


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