Ano’ng Ulam Mo? Week 3

 This week, instead of featuring dishes, we gave tips on how to encourage and train children to eat a healthy diet. I found it nice and challenging to seek out ways to make kids eat their vegetables. In the end, though, it all boils down to getting exposed to all kinds of food (including healthy ones, which they ought to practice or at least get used to).

Monday: We discussed ways to train children to eat vegetables.
1. Let them get used to seeing vegetables served at mealtime.
2. Give them small servings of vegetables until such a time that they can eat more.
3. Have them help out in preparing dinner.
4. Encourage children to eat their vegetables, and explain the benefits of eating them.
5. Set a good example and eat healthy.
Featured dish: Lo han chai (Buddha’s Delight)

Tuesday: Some children are difficult to feed, especially when it comes to vegetables. Here are techniques to sneak in vegetables in their favorite dishes:
1. Chop, dice, or mince vegetables finely and add them to viands. Add them on pizza or spaghetti as toppings.
2. Puree vegetables and add the juice to the food.
3. Add vegetables to soups or soupy dishes.
4. Serve vegetables as finger foods.
Featured dish: Rellenong bangus

Wednesday: There are some vegetables that children find easy and enjoyable to eat. Let them get used to these “kid-friendly vegetables” so they can gradually condition themselves into trying out unfamiliar stuff.
Some of these vegetables are:
1. Carrots
2. Corn
3. Red bell pepper
4. Lettuce
5. Cucumber
6. Tomatoes
7. Potatoes
8. Pumpkin
9. Sweet potatoes (kamote, or the WMD of the vegetable world XD)
10. Asparagus
11. Broccoli
12. Cauliflower
Featured dish: Roast chicken with mashed potatoes and corn salsa

Thursday: Giving desserts as a reward for eating vegetables is good. Here’s a healthy twist:
1. Dip sliced fruits in melted chocolate and freeze them so they could be served like candies.
2. Make fruit skewers.
3. Make milkshakes, juices, or popsicles.
4. Frozen yoghurt or low fat ice cream is a good alternative for regular ice cream.
5. If you and your kids love cooking or baking, find recipes for pies, cakes, or pastries that use fruits or even vegetables.
Featured dish: Banana bread

Friday: The time has come to feed children a main vegetable dish. This dish features some of the vegetables that children hate most: eggplant, pumpkin, string beans, okra, and ampalaya (bitter melon).
The key is to slowly familiarize them with vegetables by slowly adding them into the menu until such a time that they can eat a main dish.
Featured dish: Pinakbet


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