Ano Ulam Niyo? Week 2

Here now is Week 2 of our revamped food segment “Ano Ulam Niyo?”. I promised to feature dishes enjoyed during fiestas, so here they (or most of them) are.

At the moment I’m not making any food raids due to budget and schedule concerns (as well as other circumstances). These have been difficult times, but it’ll change soon. I can’t wait.

Featured dish: Goat Meat Kaldereta
Kaldereta is a meat stew recipe that we learned from the Spaniards. This dish is made with tomato sauce, olives, potatoes, chili and bell peppers, liver, and your choice of meat (beef, chicken, or pork).
Kaldereta lovers in Northern and Central Luzon use goat meat (kambing) for their stew. This is also known as their favorite beer mate.
Incidentally, goat meat is lean red meat; it’s loaded with good cholesterol and protein, and has less fat and calories.

Featured dish: Menudo
This menudo has nothing to do with Ricky Martin. The menudo dish originated from Mexico, except that they use beef tripe and cook it as a soup dish. The Filipino menudo is a meat stew that uses pork, hotdogs, bell peppers, raisins, liver, potatoes, and tomato sauce.

Featured dish: Pancit Palabok
Pancit palabok is named such because of the loads of toppings on it. This consists of orange shrimp sauce, eggs, green onions, chicharon, shrimps, tinapa (dried fish) flakes, tokwa, chopped pork, and toasted garlic. “Palabok” is synonymous to add-ons.
Pancit palabok is sometimes mistaken for pancit luglog, which is basically the same recipe, except it uses thicker noodles.

Featured dish: Boneless Bangus
Bangus (milkfish)  is a fish that is raised in most parts of Asia, most especially the Philippines. Bangus is a popular agricultural product in Pangasinan, so much that the province celebrates the Bangus Festival to promote the milkfish industry.

Featured dish: Puto
Puto is one of several types of rice cakes. This is a sweet, fluffy and bread-like dessert frequently paired with dinuguan (blood stew). Among the provinces that specialize in puto are Bulacan, Laguna, Pangasinan (Calasiao), and Negros Occidental (Manapla).
There are different versions of the puto, such as puto bumbong (purple rice cakes that are popular during Christmas), puto lanson (made of cassava), puto pao (rice cakes with fillings), and puto maya (twice cooked violet rice cake).


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