Figaro’s All-Day Breakfast Samplers: Of breakfast and variety, and then some

Last Friday, I took a break from my usual morning reading and rituals, and joined some new friends for breakfast at Figaro‘s branch in UP Ayala – Technohub in Quezon City. But it was not just an ordinary breakfast – we were about to try out Figaro’s New All-Day Breakfast Samplers.

It was a cold morning, and I almost got rained on, but the prospect of trying out something new to dine on in the morning was too hard to miss. Never mind that it was already 11:00am when I got there – a meeting is a meeting, and breakfast is still breakfast.
Figaro’s Breakfast Samplers come in four varieties: French Toast Combo, Country Breakfast, Arroz Ala Cubana and Filipino Breakfast. They are also served with either brewed coffee, herbal tea, or lemonade.
Arroz Ala Cubana – P165
The Arroz Ala Cubana sampler ranks on the top of my list. I say rice toppings are always the best. The taste of the saucy ground pork blends well with the fried bananas and the sunny-side up egg. It was a sampler, all right, but it was heavy on the belly and quite filling. Plus it’s the most affordable among the bunch. It would be nice if this was served hot next time.
Country Breakfast – P175
Another of my favorites was the Country Breakfast – bacon, ham, and scrambled eggs served with slices of ripe mango and orange, jam, and pancakes. The ham’s so-so, but the bacon was excellent. This set reminded me of a continental breakfast. In any case, this would be a hit among meat lovers. On the other hand, where’s the maple syrup?
French Toast Combo – P175
Up next was the French Toast Combo. This one has sausage with scrambled eggs, corned beef, and toasted bread. The corned beef was great, perfectly fried and juicy. The sausage was just fine, kinda like longganisa. The toasted bread, well… I’m not sure if this was French toast or toasted French bread.
Filipino Breakfast Sampler – P175
The fourth sampler was the Filipino Breakfast. This consists of small slices of skinless longganisa, fried bangus, beef tapa, tomatoes, and salted egg. Anyone who likes a little of everything Filipino in their breakfast would enjoy this. On the other hand, the “little of everything” was literally little. 
You may order the Filipino Breakfast with plain or garlic rice, but I sure hope next time it’s fried garlic rice and not just plain rice with garlic toppings. Actually, we weren’t told that we could either order plain or garlic rice in the first place.
While the breakfast samplers were great, our meal at Figaro had its low points. The food – seven plates of samplers to be exact – came only after an hour or so. By that time, breakfast had already turned into lunch.
Some of us ordered brewed coffee with our breakfast. The others had lemonade… except the lemonade looked more like lemon water. I hope it really was lemonade. On the other hand, maybe they should have paired the samplers with, say, orange juice?
Anyway, our breakfast/lunch ended with several servings of cakes for dessert. It’s not part of the breakfast menu, but well, cake with breakfast is fine. Everyone liked the strawberry shortcake.
An all-day breakfast sampler like Figaro’s is great, especially who wants variety in their meals. There’s four of them to choose from, so you can experiment and try one that you believe will appeal to your taste and belly. Here’s hoping that next time, we get to know our samplers a bit more, and that we don’t get served rice with garlic toppings and lemon water for breakfast.
For more info, visit:

Figaro Coffee Company


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