Three Years of Unlimited Grub Grabs

I am the soul of the gourmand.
Good food fuels my body, and good wine burns my blood.
I have tasted hundreds of dishes
Regardless of cuisine yet mindful of the price.
I seek great-tasting food and drinks.
My heart will only be satisfied by the best.
And so I invite you to my UNLIMITED GRUB GRABS.

Today I’m celebrating the third anniversary of Unlimited Grub Grabs. It will be a quiet celebration: no grand restaurant raid, no contests, no special stories (apart from my Vietnam trip). Sorry if I couldn’t give away freebies just like what the other blogs do. It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s just that I can’t. Boring, isn’t it?

To be frank, I’ve been thinking about how I got myself into the food writing business. I’ve always said I love food, and I want to learn how it relates to life and society and all those philosophical stuff. Now that I think about it, I’ve been exploring and writing about food quietly since Day 1. I pop out at events here and there, eating and picking up as much knowledge and tastes as I could.

Up until now I can’t function properly as a food writer. I can’t go to restaurants every week, post pictures and join trips and tasting sessions. That’s because I have to make do with the little that I have to make a food raid. I have a full-time job too, among others. (Not to mention that I’m sick.) They look like trifling reasons, but if you knew the limitations of one who doesn’t have the luxury of time, budget, and opportunity to nurture his interests, you’ll understand.
Yes, I am whining. Part of me is. Sometimes I whine to myself about how pathetic I feel as a food writer. I even get demoralized, falling into deep slumps and losing my appetite. I get envious of blogs that get endorsements and sponsors, who can sponsor and give away stuff the way those in the food industry do. Negative thoughts like that get to me.
But part of me says it’s okay, I don’t have to whine, I’m fine as I am, I’m doing a great job. I still manage to make something good, after all. I still get to share my story, my thoughts on the food I eat and the places I visit. Besides, I started this blog as a foodie diary, and I like it like this. At least I can visit and review restaurants subtly, like a ninja in the shadows.

I do want to make it big. I want to go places. I wanted to get paid to eat and write. I want to be a popular blogger. I still want to until now. I know I’m supposed to work hard, write uniquely, and get my blog recognized, so I can make a name for myself.

I’m thankful for the hundreds of people who read my posts, joined and supported me in my adventures. There are a lot of new places to discover, and more delicious stuff to eat and drink. I hope to be there and tell you all about them.Here’s to another year!
By the way, I’ve started writing a book. It’s gonna be a part memoir, part behind-the-scenes-look of my life as a food writer, an amateur one at least. I’m saying this so that people will remind/motivate/bug me into finishing it. Let’s hope I can finish it soon, or at least before my 4th anniversary.

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