Happy New Year 2013!

Happy New Year!

2013 is finally here. We’ve enjoyed a lot of success and opportunities for positive changes this past year. At the same time, we’ve survived hardships, heartbreaks, even the supposed end of the world.

Now, cliche as it is, we have so much to look forward to this coming year. There’s so much to be done for ourselves and for others. We have a whole year to move on and move forward, to renew and strengthen our ties, and to follow our dreams and hopes.

I don’t have a lot of wise or enlightening words to impart for you, except this: No matter what happens, never give up hope. It is the basis of all journeys. It is what makes the journeys worthwhile. Even if situations become drastic, hope is the strongest anchor we can use to pull through, weather the storms of life, and live the life we want and deserve.

So much for being the wise guy here. At least I can give you something to work on. I hope to see you all do well and reach your goals this year. Have a great 2013!
(Reposting from my New Year message to my friends on Facebook)


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