Aikyatchi: Supernova Summer Food Fest

Foodies along the Novaliches area in Quezon City who are looking for a quick fix may want to drop by SM Novaliches starting this weekend to visit the Supernova Summer Food Festival.


This Banchetto-style event is a follow-up of the food festival held for two weekends last March, just in time for the opening of summer vacation.

The food festival plays hosts to a number of well-known and small food concessionaires. Food choices range from home-cooked meals and sandwiches to snacks and drinks.

In case you feel like eating out instead of taking your stuff home, there’s live entertainment and surprisingly a good amount of chairs and tables for those who want to hang out around the food festival. (Bonus points for serving beer and beermates.)

Some of the meals are grilled or prepared on-site, so you’re assured that you’re in for a warm meal. And since there’s a lot of dishes to choose from, you’ll surely want to come back as often as you want. Also, more food stalls are expected to open in the coming days, so watch out!

The Supernova Summer Food Fest is open this whole April from Fridays to Sundays at the Parking A Area of SM Novaliches, just along Quirino Highway, Novaliches, Quezon City. (In case you need a landmark, it’s just across TV5.)

One thought on “Aikyatchi: Supernova Summer Food Fest

  1. joann fuentebella April 11, 2013 / 5:43 pm

    thanks for the blog. Hope you can visit us again soon and were looking forward to meet you.


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