Your weekend dose of news at Balitang 60

By now you should know that I have a day job as a news writer for “Andar ng mga Balita” at AksyonTV 41. Just this weekend, I joined a new team and started writing for another of AksyonTV’s newscasts, “Balitang 60”.

“Balitang 60” is  is the flagship weekend newscast of AksyonTV. The newscast previously aired at the primetime slot to replace the weekend edition of “Andar,” but soon moved to the noontime slot. Now anchored by Jove Francisco and Chi Bocobo, it is aired from 12 to 1:00pm and simulcasted on Radyo Singko 92.3 News FM, with replays every Sunday, 4:15am at TV5.

“Balitang 60” is basically your roundup of news from the past week, and follow-ups on the hottest issues. Just so I won’t sound like a biased reviewer (let me remind you that I work for Balitang 60), I leave you this review by Media Newser Philippines.

Let it suffice for me to say, though, that I’m excited to write for this newscast. It’s a tough job, which requires me to stay updated everyday, and wake up early in the morning. Then again, I guess I’m really bred to be a news writer first before being a food blogger, but I digress. Anyway, we hope that you patronize “Balitang 60” as your source of weekend news and information.

(Cover picture courtesy of Media Newser Philippines)

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