Episode 50: Bono’s Rogue Gelato Sundae – Of Gelatos and Sweethearts

I don’t eat ice cream so much, but when I do, I get sundaes. I like big cups of ice cream with toppings and syrups. Not only do sundaes cool me off, their sweet stuff also keep the happy vibes flowing. It’s like having that giddy feeling when you’re gushing over a crush or sweetheart. What was I saying? Eating sundaes makes for a full ice cream experience.

Speaking of sundaes, here’s an interesting treat I picked up on the way home: It’s called the “Rogue,” the latest sundae variety from Bono Artisanal Gelato.

The “Rogue” is served with a scoop (or two) of buttery gelato with roasted pecans and homemade toffee,

topped with a butterscotch sauce spiked with Elijah Craig Bourbon. Bono describes this sundae as “a sundae that bites like a sweetheart you just can’t quit.” Well I don’t have a sweetheart, but I understand how any ice cream lover can get hooked with “Rogue”.

The moment you take a spoonful of this gelato, you can first taste the sharp sweetness of the butterscotch sauce. Milliseconds later, the strong, fiery taste of the bourbon blends with the sauce and teases your lips and tongue. But right behind is the smoothly flowing gelato, cooling down the bourbon and the sauce as it melts into your throat. With it follows the taste of toffee, and the chunks of pecan, completing what would feel like a swordplay of flavors. It probably feels like engaging in a fiery, passionate French kiss and then getting rudely interrupted… until the next spoonful, at least.

Bono launched the “Rogue” just recently, but it’s getting a lot of good reviews. Some even call this sundae “badass”, which already says a lot given the flavor overload you can get from even just a spoonful. Not sure about the unquittable sweetheart tag though, so I’ll go with the “badass” remark. In any case, it’s a treat worth having every now and then to cool down on the outside and feel tingly and warmly lovesick in the inside.

The “Rogue” sundae is available in single scoop, double scoop, pints and tubs for a limited time only.


Bono Artisanal Gelato
2/F SM Makati
Open 10am- 9pm daily
Follow Bono on Twitter & Instagram: @BONOgelato

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