Aikyatchi: Social Media Weekend

I took the time to visit the 2nd Philippine Social Media Day last June 29. It was on a whim, actually; I had nothing much to do and was not in good shape (my hand was bound on a brace and I was walking with a cane – long story).

Still, I thought it would be nice even for a small-scale Internet user like me whose Facebook posts get blocked and blog updates go unnoticed to show my support for the Philippine social media landscape. It’s not just me, but the millions of Filipino Internet users all over the world who help shape social media into what it is today.

Social media is no longer just about trending topics, selfies, and status updates. It has become a tool for change. We’ve used tweets and FB posts to inspire, cheer up, promote advocacies, discuss important topics, expose evil practices, warn about calamities, call for help and alert others who need it, and bridge gaps, among others. Our country has a healthy, active online environment that has become an important mover and shaker in society.

Through Social Media Day. Filipinos are called to join the digital revolution and become responsible, vocal, and active citizens of society, whether online or offline.

Now then, picture spam!

What’s up?


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