Episode 55: Vikings, A Buffet Dinner Fit for Conquerors

I’ve been hearing so much about Vikings Luxury Buffet Restaurant. I’ve heard about how people go nuts over its wide selection of delectable dishes from every corner of the world of international cuisine. I’ve read how bloggers enjoyed every single dish they’ve had, the variety of flavors in every table, and the splendid view of what they consider as the best this side of the local food scene.

I finally had my chance to dine at Vikings recently with my Dad and younger brother MC. It’s been a long while since I last had dinner with my family; after Mom died, things got hectic for all of us, so dining together was barely possible. Having the all-male cast of our family dine here, by far, is a rare opportunity. We did have to wait in line since we were walk-in customers, but by the time we were seated, the only thing that mattered was what we were going to eat first.

Viking makes true of its claim of holding the largest luxury buffet so far, and they weren’t kidding. Since words fail to describe everything I’ve encountered in Vikings (and how much we ate), I’ll just let these pictures speak about the experience.

Overflowing Tiger Beer to start the meal

So much sushi, so little time.

Fresh fish? Fresh fish.
Salmon is luv, salmon is luv.
Dimsum, anyone?
Temaki and assorted sashimi

I’ve seen enough hentai to know where this is… Wait, what?

MC started off with some grilled fish.

Cold cuts, my favorite appetizers aside from sushi.
How cheesy.
“If a picture paints a thousand words…”
Caviar, or so MC says.

Chilean wine to complement our next course.
Lengua con Cetas
“Give me some meat!”

Turkey has a light taste but it’s very filling. No wonder bodybuilders like it.

Turkey burger and a few slabs of turkey and lamb.
Halo-halo, anyone?
Miso soup in a pot. I almost mistook it for dobinmushi.

“But I’m a crepe, I’m a weirdo.”
My Dad and MC
It’s confirmed: Blogger has screwed up my pictures.
I picked up one of those Chinese herbal soup things to keep my stomach from acting up.

Cue Gordon Ramsay: “That crab is so raw, it’s still singing ‘Under The Sea’!” Kidding. I loved the crab claws.
In the end, San Miguel Beer > ALL.
Coffee time.

Everyone who dined at Vikings weren’t kidding when they said the place serves a buffet dinner fit for conquerors, because it does. I for one felt like a Viking who just massacred a whole horde of enemies. It’s been a while since I had a buffet dinner this fulfilling, and no matter how plentiful the choices or how overwhelming the servings are, I’m proud to say I have conquered the Vikings, or the restaurant named in their honor at least.


Vikings Luxury Buffet

Bldg B, By The Bay, Seaside Blvd. SM Mall of Asia Complex, 1234 Pasay City, Philippines
SM Marikina

Website    http://www.vikings.ph

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