Episode 56: Dinner at Our Kitchen

A few weeks before our raid at Vikings, my dad took me out for dinner at a restaurant that he discovered recently. For days he had kept on bragging about how fancy the place is, and how good the baby back ribs there are. This would be the first time we would have dinner together after God knows how long, so I obliged.

The restaurant in question is Our Kitchen, an Italian restaurant at the edge of Metro Manila, along McArthur Highway at Meycauayan, Bulacan to be exact.

Our Kitchen has been open since around 2011. It’s jointly owned by a French and a Filipino, and specializes in Asian Fusion cuisine (which probably explains the tagline “where East meets West”.

Their menu particularly consists of French, Italian, Japanese, and Thai -inspired dishes, and their specialties include pasta and pizza, but the rice meals are worth trying out too.

The restaurant is cozy and simple, aside from a few artworks that decorated the place. It may look like a simple cafe from the outside, but it’s large enough to accommodate large groups and even reservations for parties, plus there’s space for outdoor dining too.

It was a Friday when we got there, which is why there was a jazz singer entertaining diners on a stage outside (I hear they have live performers every Friday and Saturday).

And now, let’s talk about the food.

My dad’s favorite baby back ribs came with a cup of rice and nothing else. The sauce is sweet, and the meat is so tender, it falls off the bone like every classic, well-made ribs should be. Maybe some vegetables or mashed potatoes on the side is in order, just to make it a complete meal, though this is good enough for me

I ordered white wine to go with my ribs because they ran out of red wine.

Check out that juicy chunk of meat.

Our side dish, baked mussels, were cooked with cheese and a lot of salt, which ended up becoming too salty for my taste.

The White Pizza was a first for me – it’s made of a white, creamy sauce, bacon bits, and a raw egg, which got cooked poached-style if you let it sit for a while. This lightly flavored pizza surely won my approval.

For dessert, we had a simple cheesecake…

…and a really sweet cappuccino shake to end the meal.

I forgot to mention that they serve this really nice version of chili oil that is, for lack of a better description, made of real, spicy, super hot,  chili peppers. Just a few drops and everything tasted great, even the super salty mussels.

What we had was enough to satisfy me, but there’s a lot of stuff to choose from, so a repeat visit is a must.

Now that I think about it, good hangout spots are now opening like mushrooms around Bulacan. It’s probably because Bulacan’s so close to Metro Manila, but it’s too much of a hassle to travel. Most, if not all, of the spots I see are the typical watering holes with live bands, which are good enough if you’re craving for dinner and a drink or two with friends and family.

Which goes to show specialty places like Our Kitchen are quite rare this side of Bulacan, and a  nice alternative if you want a more quiet place where you can hang out. There should be a few more like this around, and if I get to have the time, I’ll make sure to explore and seek them out.

In the meantime, I’ll have to thank my dad again for showing me this place.


Our Kitchen

2/F Esperanza Mall, McArthur Highway 
Meycauayan, Bulacan

Contact Details
Phone:    0917 874 9703
Email:    ourkitchenresto@gmail.com


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