My prayer for you this Christmas

Merry Christmas, everyone!

By now I presume you’re on your way home now for Christmas Eve. You’ve worked hard today, and spending some quality time with the people that are important to you is what you need. Did you prepare gifts for them? It doesn’t matter, though. Celebrating Christmas isn’t an obligation, after all, but a means to bring people closer.
I presume you’re already celebrating Christmas. I’m sure that by now, you’re having a Christmas party, singing carols, coming home from church, or quietly spending time with your loved ones a home. Whatever the manner, you’re celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, and the spreading of peace and goodwill is what matters.
I presume you have a nice feast spread before you now. Be it a five-course dinner, a Christmas buffet, or a simple sandwich, it doesn’t matter. By any chance, do you have any ham to spare? I’m kidding. The matter of dining for the sake of commemorating the season is what matters.
I presume you’re with very important people this Christmas. I’m sure you’re joking around with your siblings now, or helping your parents prepare for tonight’s festivities. Or I guess you’d be with your friends, guzzling booze and beer matches and partying to your heart’s content. Or maybe you’re just somewhere quiet with the man or woman you love, making the most of the holiday season. That’s good. Christmas is important for them, as much as it is for you.
I presume wherever you are is in a festive mood. No matter the circumstances, you deserve a light moment this Christmas. Enjoy it if you have one, or if you don’t, make it happen for everyone around you.
I presume you’ve received your gifts, and, more importantly, given away your own gifts to others. Or maybe you’ve instead given to charity, to the less fortunate, the victims of disasters, the sick and the orphans? Whichever the case, the act of giving is a noble act.
I presume you haven’t forgotten what Christmas is all about. This isn’t just a holiday or a religious event, but a reminder of our basic purpose in this world: to serve a purpose to ourselves and others. God gave Jesus, His Son in human form, to us for our salvation, and to unify all under His teachings of love and peace. In the same way God gave part of Himself to this world, we hope to give part of ourselves to others
I presume this year’s Christmas is going to be a great one for you. No matter what you’ve endured these past few months, your time of rest and relief has come now. There’s so much for you to do, but for now, dine, dance, and celebrate with your loved ones this Christmas.
I presume you’ve spent time to read this humble writer’s prayer for you to have a good Christmas. I mean it. I’ll continue praying that your Christmas will be a great one for you.
Merry Christmas, everyone!

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