Side Story – Foods Tayo

Last August I joined TV5’s newest noontime news program, “Aksyon sa Tanghali,” anchored by Raffy Tulfo and Cherie Mercado. It’s a program targeting housewives, workers, commuters, and other viewers having their lunch break, but that’s not what I’m supposed to talk about.

Instead, let me divert your attention to one of our program’s segments, “Foods Tayo.”

The idea of “Foods Tayo” is to introduce tasty dishes and unique food ideas that can be bought at affordable prices. Featured topics include specialty shops, food establishments, and twists to mainstream Filipino and foreign dishes.

The segment takes the form of a silent movie starring the host, feature reporter Roda Magnaye. The formula is actually simple: Roda visits a restaurant or shop, watches the featured dish being prepared, eats the stuff, and gives her critique.

We’ve visited over a dozen restaurants already, and so far the segment itself has had some sort of a following. It helps that the places we visit are those with sought-after dishes, such as affordable kebabs, unique versions of Filipino delicacies, heart-breaking (read: juicy, crispy, and fatty)crispy pata, and all-day breakfast meals.

Yeah, that includes the hilariously-named “Talong Mo Kay Tulfo,” overstuffed eggplant omelette, among other things, but that’s another story.

So what exactly am I doing in this segment, you may ask? “Aside from seeking out places to feature, I help in providing insight on the featured dishes, such as the taste, texture, and presentation.

Incidentally, they’re more knowledgeable about seeking out food than I do, since they have a bigger information network when it comes to this stuff.

I also help advertise the places we visit in my own little way, such as this blog, and my social media posts. That’s why at certain parts of the week, I bombard my Facebook page with pictures of our escapades.

One more thing: “Foods Tayo” has this little skit in between, where I play as Roda’s love interest. Part of the planning is thinking of ways for me to impress and woo and show the world how much I love Roda. My efforts, however, always end up with hilarious results.

On a personal note, playing the lovesick suitor is tough for a tsun-tsun like me, I may say, and I admit I’m doing poorly. “Umaarte na nga lang ako,” to put it bluntly. Maybe I should aspire to be like Michael V or Tado and take up comedy acting lessons.

Showbiz work aside, working on “Foods Tayo” is a wake-up call for me as a food writer. There’s a lot of new restaurants and dishes to be discovered, and I hope to take advantage of my piggybacking on the crew’s food-hunting to help the news program, and the places we feature.

To learn more about “Foods Tayo,” visit:
News5 Everywhere

To have a behind-the-scenes look at what we’re up to (and for some hardcore food porn), visit:
My Instagram account @unlimitedgrubgrabs
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