Episode 71: Unlimited Grill Works at Charaptor

We at TV5’s “Aksyon sa Tanghali” and “Foods Tayo” believe there are lots of up and about restaurants in Metro Manila that can tickle the taste buds and budgets of foodies. Some are old places made popular by word of mouth, while others are newly opened but have generated much buzz.

Whatever the case, we seek out restaurants that will prove to be a hit to the masses, the criteria of which are having a wide array of choices, with a family-friendly ambience, and at the most affordable prices possible.
One such place that we visited is Charaptor Barbecue, a popular buffet restaurant that opened early this year at Brgy. San Antonio, Makati.

Just as its name implies, Charaptor is known for its grill-all-you-can, eat-all-you-can barbecue buffet. The choices include various marinated cuts of chicken, pork, beef, fresh seafood like fish, squid, shrimp, vegetables, mushrooms, cold cuts, and street food such as isaw and squid balls.

One may also choose among 16 unique dipping sauces to go with your barbecue. The possibilities of what you can work on with your grill are unlimited.

Each table has its own charcoal grill where you can cook the dish of your choice. The meats are marinated,
but they provide two small tubs of marinate that you can brush on your meat while it is being grilled.

When I said grill-all-you-can, I mean grill-all-you-can. If you’re patient enough, you can have your barbecue and eat it too, so the saying for wedding cakes goes.

Charaptor is a family-friendly restaurant, never mind that you’ll end up smelling like a charcoal grill after your meal, but it’s also a favorite spot among beer drinkers and those looking forward to unwind for the night. 

Just remember to come early or get reservations, because the restaurant gets filled up quickly. Don’t worry, though; there’s always a steady supply of meat ready for grilling.

Charaptor is open everyday from 10AM to 2PM for lunch, and 6-11PM for dinner.
9752 Kamagong St. corner
Arange St. Brgy. San Antonio Makati City                       
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