Episode 73: Monster-sized burgers at Monster Bites!

Tucked in a far-off corner of Tondo, Manila is a food shop known for its cheap, humongous beef burgers. The name of the shop itself – “Monster Bites” – suggests that one can expect to find thick, bulky chunks of beef patties in oversized buns, lying in a thick bed of vegetables and slathered in cheese and sauces.
It took a while for the crew of “Foods Tayo” to find the place and see for ourselves if the stories about these massive burgers are true, and we could say we were not disappointed.

First things first: Monster Bites opened around April this year, but then moved to its present location – a larger venue – a few months later. The shop opens from two in the afternoon to two in the morning, and serves dine-in and take-out by the numbers, mainly because customers flock the store and line up early.

True enough, the place was jam-packed when the crew arrived. A small crowd had gathered in front of the cashier, each awaiting their turn to get their orders. In front of the store, patties of various sizes were being grilled by the dozens over blazing charcoal grills. Some customers have resorted to standing watch as their prospective orders are being grilled, while servers periodically come and go to pick up the freshly grilled patties.

Monster Bites particularly takes pride of the size of their burgers, starting from their so-called humble quarter pounders. Each patty is a solid, meat-packed chunk that starts dry and chewy in the palate, but draws out the beefy juices with every succeeding bite.
The half pound patty is a different story altogether. To say it’s just like the quarter pounders but only bigger in size is an understatement, because these were probably born to make sure you’ll enjoy more of the burger and never go wanting by the time you’re done with it.
Speaking of the burgers, how do these sandwiches fare, you ask?  

Behold the Monster Sandwich, a monstrosity made of juicy, beefy goodness and tons of coleslaw and saucy toppings. One of these would probably fill up a group of four.

Then there’s the Black Bun Burger, a chunkful of beef with a bun as black as your sinful heart. Cue Penance Stare by Ghost Rider. These buns are baked with squid ink and roasted on bamboo charcoal, giving a smoky feel to every bite of the beef patty.

Monster Bites has a lot of varieties to choose from, which you can enjoy for as low as P50. Aside from these titans and the usual quarter pounder, they also have burger steaks, German franks, and sidings such as fries and buffalo wings.

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