Episode 76: Food, flowers, and romance (or something) at My Mother’s Garden


Instead of looking for a Valentine’s date, I found myself exploring a small alleyway in Pasay City. The target: the ancestral house of Pablo Severo Antonio Sr., a National Artist for Architecture.  While the house itself is a wonder worth visiting, foodies know this place better as the home of the restaurant aptly called My Mother’s Garden.


My Mother’s Garden is a tribute by Antonio’s daughter, fashion designer Malu Antonio Veloso, to her mother Dona Marina. She runs this restaurant with her daughter Letlet.

The first thing diners will notice before entering My Mother’s Garden is the Antonio ancestral house’s garden space. Dining outside amidst the quiet surroundings and the lush greens makes for a great Valentine’s Day experience, but I digress.
One can also see the garden from inside the house, though worth noting is the interior itself, which is simple yet spacious and calming. Bonus points for the colorful orchids and the koi pond.
There is also a portrait of the owner’s mother prominently hanging at the living room.
Many of the rooms are open for exploring. Some of the rooms are used by diners, while in a larger room, there is an exhibit of Letlet’s jewelry creations. Too bad I forgot to ask if any of them are for sale. They would make for a perfect impromptu gift.

My Mother’s Garden offers course or buffet meals depending on the occasion or reservation.  For this visit, the restaurant showed off some of its specialties, especially those served to couples having their dates there.

First up is the Green Salad, made of mixed green vegetables, and served with four kinds of sauces- mango, basil, and Caeasar, and an orange one that tastes like Greek salad dressing.
Next on the menu are fettuccine and pomodoro pasta with chorizo or black olives as toppings. Note the variety of tastes one can enjoy (though I like the black olives the most).
 Not far behind is plain and simple fried liempo (pork belly), and a platter of shrimps, clams, and squid.
Another of their best-sellers is the mustard chicken. Lightly fried and seasoned, this tender chicken dish is best enjoyed while swimming in mustard sauce, which gives its tangy taste.
This buffet set came with a double serving of white rice and brown rice with mangoes.
To cap this buffet is a mouth-watering selection of mini-cakes and tarts.
This particular buffet we partook at My Mother’s Garden is worth P1,000 per head and for a minimum of two, making one’s romantic date an affordable and enjoyable  experience, complemented with a selection of flavors that’s remarkably home-made in presentation and taste.

As their Facebook page would say, “My Mother’s Garden is ideal for romantic dates, family gatherings, group meetings, parties and memorable events such as showers, christenings and small weddings.”

So you can probably imagine yourself and your darling having a romantic date here. Dining at a garden table sounds good, followed by a bit of wine and music, and doing a slow dance under the stars. Yeah, I’m not a romantic guy, but I can probably imagine what you’re imagining.

Seriously, no dates for me, though. I’ll probably be back for the mustard chicken and the orchids.


My Mother’s Garden
2650 Zamora St., Pasay City, Philippines
Mon – Sun: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm
Tel. No.: 8318407


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