Episode 78: BullChef, Bullicious Bulalo from this side of the metro

Looks like there’s no need to travel all the way to Tagaytay or Batangas just to enjoy bulalo after all. Sure, these provincial bulalo are some of the best beef soups outside Metro Manila, with its fresh meat and vegetables and hearty soup, but there actually are spots nearby that serve some of the tastiest beef shanks this side of the metro.

One of them is BullChef, which is actually sitting at Kapitolyo, Pasig, just a few kilometers from the TV5 Media Center.

BullChef (which stands for “Bulalo Chef”) has been satisfying the beef cravings of metro foodies for three years now. The restaurant boasts of a wide array of bulalo-themed dishes, all made of 100% beefy goodness.

Once again, I joined the crew of TV5 Aksyon sa Tanghali’s “Foods Tayo” to take a look at BullChef. Chef Jeremiah Mateo also came by to personally show us some of BullChef’s bestsellers.

For a restaurant that looks small from the outside, BullChef provides a spacious, welcoming atmosphere for families or as many as 20 people or so. The most striking characteristic of the place is its wall filled with photos and notes from various celebrities and other guests.

The Ultimate BullChef Special is your quintessential biggie-size bulalo, with large chucks of beef, ligaments, bone marrow, and vegetables swimming in a thick, flavorful beef broth. (This serving is good for 2-3 people, depending on their hunger level.)

The bulalo is first served without the broth, after which a waiter would pour the broth from a kettle. Once this order is completed, the waiter would blow a whistle, to which the crew would yell “BULLCHEF!” While their cheering sounds the death knell to your so-called healthy diet, it also aims to kickstart your adrenaline and your appetite as well.

The bulalo meat is mouth-watering and tender, while the ligaments are chewy and easy to the palate. But the best part of the dish is the thick, gelatinous marrow, which falls off the bone easily like an early Christmas treat. Mash a chunk of it over soupy rice, add a drop or more of your chili and soy sauce/fish sauce (patis) dip, and voila! Instant gratification! (Don’t worry, the vegetables are there to ease your guilt)

Not far behind is its brother-in-arms, the AsimBull. Instead of your regular broth, this comes in a bowl of thick sinigang soup with gabi and kangkong. This sour, tangy dish is the best alternative for those who want an extra kick in their bulalo.

Another favorite is the BullSisig, sizzling beef bulalo bits served with garlic rice and a sunny side up egg. Beer and meat lovers who want more out of their adoration for sisig will find satisfaction in this crunchy, savory dish.

Then there’s the Bullsteak, beef shank steak served with buttered vegetables, house gravy, rice, and a chunk of beef marrow sitting prettily nearby. Yeah, the power of the bone marrow compels you!

Now if you’re really feeling guilty over indulging such sinful beef treats, there’s the Burger, Habang May Gulay, AKA vegetable patties with ranch-Caesar dip and garlic rice.

“Bullicious” (bulalo + delicious) may not be the most creative way to sing praises for BullChef’s bulalo, but one cannot deny how filling and satisfying their bulalo dishes are. The servings are adequate, and the taste is topnotch. A trip to Kapitolyo just to assuage your bulalo cravings will be worth it.

Speaking of your so-called healthy diet, one may cringe at how dangerous BullChef’s dishes are, keeping in mind all the cholesterol that can be ingested there. That’s not the case, Chef Jeremiah said. Bulalo is said to have good cholesterol, as well as nutrients that can even reverse illness. Nobody among his staff has had gout, he noted. That puts into mind the teachings of Dr. Robin Buhain Navarro, AKA “Doctor Bulalo”, who recommends the regular consumption of bulalo and certain cholesterol-rich food to keep the body healthy.

In any case, anyone who dines at BullChef can just savor the bulalo, clear everything on his plate – meat, marrow, and all, enjoy the experience, and then walk out with a sated appetite and a full belly while yelling “BULLCHEF!” 


BullChef: The Bulalo Chef
#4 East Capitol Drive, Barangay Kapitolyo, Pasig
Tel. No.: 0916 338 3898
Email: bullchef.kapitolyo@gmail.com


To learn more about “Foods Tayo,” visit:

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