Episode 80: A Trending Post

Something pleasantly strange happened in my social media account last month.
I just happened to pass by Cajun Red Rock at SM Megamall that day, and noticed they’re serving an unlimited desserts promo. While I wasn’t interested in availing it at the moment, I thought I should just announce it on Facebook.

What came next was a mild surprise. The picture earned me nearly 4,000 likes on my main Facebook account, and about sixty on Unlimited Grub Grabs’ FB page. It has also been shared less than 5,000 times on both accounts.

At the same time, I got swamped with private messages and comments from people asking how long the dessert promo will last, where else they can avail of the promo, etc. I eventually made the time to ask the crew at Cajun Red Rock, and added the information on the spot.  
Thanks to that recommendation post, UGG’s FB account now has over 900 likers, and the old posts are somehow getting the attention they needed. That’s good news for me, since that means I’m now getting an audience as a food writer. 
By the way, with all the attention that Cajun Red Rock’s unlimited desserts promo is getting, I decided to try it out myself, and make a proper review of the restaurant itself.
Cajun Red Rock was crowded when I came in for late lunch. Most of them are high school or college students. All of them are after the unlimited desserts.

The desserts promo itself is simply a dessert buffet, plain and simple. There are plenty of mini-slices of cheesecakes and brownies, candies, more cakes, cookies, fondues, ice cream, and even more cakes. It’s quite obvious why many are drawn into the promo. Who wouldn’t want to satisfy their sweet tooth for only P199?
My only regret was that I was unable to taste their waffles and crepes. I forgot that I was supposed to order those from the staff.
But what drew me to Cajun Red Rock was the main menu itself.
My late lunch started with a hearty bowl of Louisiana-style onion soup, topped with toasted bread and cheese. I know, it’s just onion soup under all that cheese, but the soup is just enough to whet the appetite, though the cheese blanket makes for a fragrant and mouthwatering addition.
Then there’s the star of the meal, the Southern Bacon Cheese Volcano (Southern Bacon Cheese + Make It A Volcano). This is a Southern-style quarter-pounder smoky bacon cheeseburger served with fries, except the burger is baked with mozzarella cheese and topped with caramelized onions. The result is a burger that looks like a volcano oozing with cheese.
The volcano-like burger looks appetizing aesthetically, but once you bite into it, there’s this savory flavor overload that storms your palate and tickles your belly. Maybe it’s the cheese complimenting the taste of the thick beef patty or the bacon. The whole burger is messy though, so it would be quite a chore to eat it with a fork and knife.
Cajun Red Rock serves a good selection of ribs, steaks, burgers, and other dishes emulating the Cajun style. Cajun cuisine, which mostly hails from Louisiana, USA, is characterized with the use of local ingredients, resulting in a savory and aromatic experience.
(There seems to be confusion over Cajun cuisine, as compared to its sibling, Creole cuisine, since both have the same birthplace, or something. But that’s a different story that will require an expert’s view.)
The dishes are pricey, though, so dining in pairs or groups is most recommended.
The unlimited desserts promo should have ended as of this writing. The likes have stopped pouring too, but that’s okay. At least for a brief moment, I outdid myself by posting something that actually drew an audience.
Social media in general, not just blogging, is a helpful tool for writers (food bloggers, in this case) to gain audiences and broadcast their messages. Whether it’s a review, news, or something found somewhere that’s worth commenting on, it’s a quick and convenient way to get our messages across.
Instead of writing in my blog as I ought to do, I’ve been using instant posts on social media to document my adventures. Lately I tend to take more pictures of my food or anything food-related, and then post them on Instagram and Facebook. It’s not because I’m getting lazy as a food writer; I just happened to spend more time writing something else, like my novels.
UGG is still catering to a small audience on social media, though it has become more diverse now that I also work as a novel author. I made three new FB pages for myself (an author page) and for my two writing projects, and once I start dishing out new material, I hope to strengthen my online presence through all of them.
Which now leads us to the future of this blog. I decided I have a lot of catching up to do as far as reviews are concerned. I did post about most of the places I dined in months ago, but I guess a proper blog article for each of them is in order.
Then again, I’m currently writing a new novel for the Heist Club workshop, and my story from Just Write PH is begging for a second and third book, so I’ll figure something out somehow. That includes hunting for more stuff to post on social media, and to start writing about on the blog. I just need to make time for all of them, right?
Maybe I’d look for my next unlimited grub grab, hit the jackpot and see how many would like to try out what I’ve been spotting.

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