Episode 84: Starting Anew in 2016

2016 is coming in a short while. I hope this year has been good to you, my dear readers.

Have you been working or studying well? What have you started or accomplished? Do you get to eat on time? How are your families and loved ones? Are you hurting somewhere, or are you nursing heartbreak? How are you spending the last few hours of 2015?
Celebrating the New Year is like ending a chapter and starting a new one. Sometimes, we have leftover ideas that only needed revising. Other times, we have stuff that has to be discarded. Usually, we have new stuff to add. But what’s definite is that we’re starting over with a clean slate, a new leaf, or a new page, be it clean or smudged or whatnot.
We keep saying that we’re leaving behind a lot of things from 2015 as we celebrate the New Year, but how much of it are we letting go?
Greeting 2016 means looking back and leaving behind everything we had for the past 12 months. These include successes, failures, doubts, aspirations, fears, possessions of value, and dreams. We shall let go of all these and more for the sake of starting over.
By letting go, I’m also referring to renewing and improving the memories, promises, and positive goals we set for ourselves, as well as leaving behind the bad ones while salvaging the lessons meant to be learned from them.
Just don’t be afraid to take the first step, make a leap, dash through the first lap, or whatever propels you to move forward. You have things to accomplish, promises to keep, worlds to discover, and a life to live to the fullest.
Whatever the circumstances we’re facing up to the last second of 2015, never forget that there’s always room to start anew, which is what the New Year is all about.
Let go, go forward, and start anew this 2016.
I’m talking/typing like this because I’m looking back at how the past year has treated me, especially as a writer. To say it has been a fulfilling one is an understatement, because there’s so much more to be done.
To start with, I’m ending 2015 with three novels (two published ones and one that will be launched this January) in my author’s portfolio.
My first crime novel, “The Seven-Day Detective”, is now available as a standalone story on Buqo. You may get the e-book through the Buqo app from App Store and Google Play, or click the link below to purchase it online.
Then there’s my first crime short story on Wattpad, which got upgraded into a light novel (novelette) and published just before Christmas. The story is called “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus”, which is about a child who wanted to catch Santa Claus on video. This story is also available on Buqo.
Unlimited Grub Grabs slowed down a bit, partly because I’ve been busy with my day job and my novels, and partly because of health issues and certain circumstances. But that doesn’t mean I’m not slowing down on doing food adventures. Anything that’s not on the blog can be found in my Facebook page and Instagram accounts. Also, expect more news from me on my other exploits. I won’t give details, but we have a lot to look forward to.
For now, enjoy the last few hours of 2015. See you all next year! And be careful with the fireworks and food!

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