Aikyatchi: Gustos Night Market at Forum Robinsons

If you’re looking for a new place to hang out tonight and you happen to be around the Boni Avenue area in Mandaluyong, you may want to take the time to drop by the Gustos Night Market at Forum Robinsons.

If you’re familiar with the Gustos Food Market along San Miguel Avenue in Ortigas Centre, surely you’ll find the same good food and company when you venture to Forum Robinsons.

Over one hundred food choices and drinks for all belly sizes and wallets await foodies looking for a quick meal this side of Mandaluyong. Diners can also unwind for the coming weekend to great music and live entertainment.

The Gustos Night Market is located at the Forum Robinsons Open Parking Area, Robinsons Road.

The market is opening starting today, January 18, and every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday afterwards, at 8:30pm.

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