Episode 85: Food Choices and More at the Gustos Night Market

Food markets are aplenty in Metro Manila, but nowadays it’s not just good or reasonably priced food, or a good location, that draws in foodies and other patrons from all walks of life. We dropped by Gustos Night Market, recently set up near Forum Robinsons in Mandaluyong, to check out what makes this place unique.

First of course is the food. Ever since it first opened last January 8, Gustos Night Market has offered a wide selection of food choices. You can spot new and familiar concessionaires serving a variety of meals, from snacks and sandwiches, to rice meals and the occasional barbecue. And since the food market runs from Wednesday night to Friday night, there’s always something new to look forward to.

The venue itself makes for a relaxing atmosphere. The area gets cool and windy at night, so guests can feel comfortable even if the place is crowded. The organizers made sure it gives off a formal, international buffet type of vibe, from the set-up to the tables and chairs reserved for customers.

It also helps that Gustos Night Market offers nightly entertainment featuring up-and-coming performers. We for one would like to see new musical talent featured in their stage soon, as there’s a welcoming crowd right there.
You could be surprised what kind of crowd you join up with.
Speaking of crowds, the food market is surrounded by BPO companies and other offices where employees are welcome to dine, listen to music, and relax. Good thing the market is continuously kept spic and span and secured, though it would help for customers to be mindful of their belongings and garbage.
Gustos Night Market’s organizers say it will open soon in more locations. So far, Bonifacio Global City is in their immediate sights, but if you want to see where else they intend to pop out, following them on Facebook and Instagram is your best option. 
We’re looking forward to seeing more food choices and improvements in Gustos Night Market. The crowds are getting bigger anytime soon, and so will the market itself. Besides, it’s not always weekly (or much of the week) that you find a classy, comfy food market to visit when your munchies sense demands for some unlimited grub grabs and then some.
Gustos Night Market is located at the open parking area of Forum Robinsons, Robinsons Road, Mandaluyong City. It’s open on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, 8:00pm to 4:00am.


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