Aikyatchi: #HeistClub

“We challenged Filipino writers to tell us tales of crime and mischief, fear and suspicion, dark alleys and darker souls. Welcome to #HeistClub.”

Mystery and crime lurk anew from the dark corners of the Filipino ebook community with today’s release of the #HeistClub bundles.

#HeistClub is an online writing workshop facilitated by Mina V. Esguerra and Bronze Age Media, Inc. last August. Writers were encouraged to create crime and mystery stories primarily set in the Philippines, all of which have the potential to become series in their own right. The result: the works of sixteen authors with stories ranging from fraud and unique modus operandi, to plain old revenge.

My second story, “Sampaguita”, is part of the “What We Hide” bundle. To be concise, this is about a Japanese expat, driven by remorse over the apathy towards Manila’s crime problem, who prepares to exact revenge on a wanted criminal.

The #HeistClub bundles are available at the Buqo Bookstore. You may buy them through the Buqo App on your smartphones, or through these links:

What We Fear:

What We Hide:

Why We Run:

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