Episode 88: Guest Post – Smoked Salmon and Cream Pasta by Mary Grace

We at Unlimited Grub Grabs value the comments of our readers, some of which suggest places to visit or dishes to try out. We even have a few who gave their own reviews to convince us how great the food spots they’ve visited are.

Joining us on this post is Wattpad writer Emanuelle Bonifacio, who told us about his recent dining experience at Mary Grace Cafe. We do love their ensaymadas, but it turns out there’s more to love at Mary Grace aside from their cakes and pastries.


Restaurants today are blooming fast and booming with surprises that catch our enthusiastic appetites. Coffee shops, tea cafes and honeyed donuts give us quick bites to indulge our early dessert treats. But nothing beats a full plate of a perfected recipe.

Introducing, Mary Grace Cafe’s  Smoked Salmon and Cream Pasta. Salmon fans’ buds will be flooded with glee by its rich and authentic freshness. The oozing buttery sauce eases the fish flavour along with its well-prepared linguine pasta. The smoky savour stays in your mouth after some spoonfuls surely leaving you to want more. Finishing this awesome blowout will offer you an unforgettable experience.


About the Author
Emanuelle Bonifacio is a daydreamer, story-weaver and an adventurer. He has been both his student and master of himself. He’s always thankful for mayonnaise, pizzas, and root beer. When he’s into an idea, he hibernates (see you next season). You can reach and know him more on https://www.facebook.com/emanuelle.bonifacio.9 and 
Learn more about Mary Grace Cafe through their website or visit them at their various branches.
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