Episode 92: #HeistClub: The Launch (Extro)


A few days have passed since “#HeistClub: The Launch” ended, but everything has yet to sink in. Even now, I’m lost for words as to how to process everything. But one thing is certain: I am proud to say I have published – and launched – my own crime novel.

Let me at least start with a show of gratitude. I owe the privilege of becoming a published author to the organizers and sponsors of #HeistClub, to my fellow authors, to those who bought our books, and to my friends and family who supported the event.

I’m happy to be able to work with so many talented and hardworking individuals. I owe them so much that even if I let out a torrent of “thank yous”, it would not be enough to repay what they’ve done for me. Even so, let it suffice that I am thankful for everyone who made this launch possible.

#HeistClub is my biggest break so far. I thought I found my calling when I took up crime writing.  It has always been my dream, after all, to become a novelist. I’ve always wanted to write something related to my previous profession, to write about society in a different, more creative point of view.

My crime story “Sampaguita” started merely as a story of revenge and vigilantism. It was through the workshop that I would eventually tap into my most necessary resources to make a coherent story, a good set of characters, and a world that has the potential to expand into its own series or two. Still, t took me a lot of discipline, advice, and morale boosting from everyone before I finished “Sampaguita”.

Looking back, though, I still have a lot to do before I could be fully proud of my work. I have yet to master the art of storytelling. I have yet to learn to market myself. I have yet to learn to make eye-catching covers and attention-grabbing blurbs. I have to make myself known to a bigger audience. And then there’s so much to do after getting published. Even so, I believe I’m on the right track.

This is why, again, I am thankful to be part of #HeistClub. I hope everyone would continue to guide and support me in my journey to become a great author.

Meanwhile, Unlimited Grub Grabs will return to its regular, food-chomping programming as soon as I get things in order. It’s tough when you have a lot on your plate (figuratively). Also, the second part of “Sampaguita” is coming soon.


“Sampaguita”, my #HeistClub novella, is available on Amazon Kindle and Buqo, and will be available for preorders soon.

Amazon Kindle:






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