Episode 93: Starting over with something Spanish! All-you-can-eat Paella at Black Olive!

To jumpstart my brain back to its old food-blogging self, I decided to go on an all-you-can-eat mission just like I always did way back. And what better way but to take on a dish I’ve gained interest in lately – paella.

Let’s have a recap. Paella is a Valencian rice dish regarded by many as a national dish of Spain. Paella gets its name from the pan it is cooked in. There are a variety of ways to cook paella, the most typical of which is topping rice cooked over an open fire with an assortment of meats, sausage, seafood, vegetables, or all of the above.

Black Olive Cerveceria is serving all-you-can-eat servings of Paella del Mar, a creation by award winning Chef Carlo Miguel. This variety is a delightful mash of squid, shrimps, clams, mussels, chicken and pork, all prepared over fragrant, saucy rice with tomatoes, saffron and green peppers. The paella is served on a small platter, along with some crusty bread and olive oil.

I decided to try one of Black Olive’s popular bar chows, the Boneless Chicken Wings, along with the paella. To wash down the meal, I ordered along with it a glass of Paulaner Hefe-Weißbier Naturtrüb. Craft and foreign beer happens to be one of Black Olive’s specialties.

The Paella del Mar was light to the palate but filling, and you can taste much of the seafood flavor in the rice. It’s not too oily, and there are crunchy bits here and there as expected of paella. Incidentally, the bread works as a great side dish. The chicken wings were savory, and tasted better with its bleu cheese salsa. The beer had hints of fruity flavors, which tones down the flavors of the paella and chicken.

In the middle of my meal, a couple sat near my table and inquired about the paella promo. When they asked if it was good, the waitress pointed to my table. Yeah, I guess I’ve eaten so much of it to prove how enjoyable the paella is. In the end, though, I believe I finished off seven servings of the Paella del Mar. Not bad for P250.

Which now leads to an interesting query: Why was I interested in paella in the first place?

I guess it all started when I got immersed into writing “Odoriko”, my ongoing romance story on Wattpad. I had to learn as much as I can about flamenco that I ended up checking out bits and pieces of Spanish cuisine. I haven’t thought about whether I should include an extra scene where the characters are eating paella, since the story itself is about to end, though.

The extra research proved helpful when a co-author asked me for a recommendation for Spanish dishes to be used in another story. Speaking of which, there should be a bunch of nice Spanish restaurants and tapas bars that I could check out now that I have begun to sate my craving for Spanish cuisine, but I digress.

Black Olive’s Paella del Mar promo is available every day, 12-3pm and 6-9pm. Incidentally, they’re offering an all-day, all-night beer buffet where you can drink all the premium beers you want within three hours, all for P999. Not sure if my kidneys can handle that, though.

Black Olive Cerveceria
Unit R3A & B, Camino Verde Ave, Capitol Commons, Pasig City
For table reservations, dial 0917-5073512

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