Episode 102: A Spicy Encounter at the Grand Chili Meet!

Chili farmers, foodies, entrepreneurs, and lovers of everything spicy took the time to gather together at the 1st Grand Chili Meet hosted by Chili Growers Philippines on May 13 and 14. This was held at the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife in Quezon City.

The event’s highlights included seminars for chili growers on the latest technology in cultivating chili, the exhibition of various chili varieties, and pod tasting for those who dare to challenge the hottest peppers in the market.

Local entrepreneurs also showcased their products, from chili-infused vinegar and oils to chili sauces and snacks with chili. Some were mixed with fruit essences, while others come with a sweet or savory kick, all of which come with a unique blend meant to compliment any meal. Guests were given the chance to sample these products, and judge which among them are their favorites.

A country’s cuisine won’t be complete without something spicy on the menu, and that much can be said about Filipino cuisine. Chili-laden dishes such as laing, pinangat, and Bicol Express tickle the fancy of diners who seek something fiery for their palate. Ordinary favorites get the extra kick with some chopped chili here and there. To that end, chili sauce, chili oil, and vinegar or soy sauce with chili have become staple condiments.

We owe this culinary wonder to our local chili pepper farmers, traders, and entrepreneurs, whose expertise and dedication bring us the spicy products we enjoy today.

Events such as the 1st Grand Chili Meet give our farmers and entrepreneurs the opportunity to get the word out about their wares to the local market. Their contributions and creativity boost the agricultural sector and its capability to produce home-grown, quality household products that anyone are sure to enjoy at their table. Here’s hoping that our local chili industry will continue to grow and set fire to plates and palates everywhere.