Episode 96: #HeistClub at MIBF 2016!

14199682_1832804367005972_7671969188836935594_nThe Manila International Book Fair has begun at the SMX Convention Center!

#HeistClub has gone a long way since our launching last June 25. Now, our titles are being sold at #MIBF2016! It’s a great venue for indie writers like me to promote ourselves and gain recognition in the Filipino reading community.

If you’re looking for great crime stories by Filipino authors and more, drop by at the BDAP (Book Development Association of the Philippines) Booth (near National Bookstore). The titles available are:

The Bayawak’s Trail by Justine Camacho-Tajonera
Chasing an ATM Schemer by Racquel Sarah A. Castro
Classified by Georgette S. Gonzales
Sampaguita by Mark Manalang
Snakehead by Bianca Mori
High Stakes by Chris Nava
Till Death Do Us Part by Irene Recio
The Retreat by Yeyet Soriano
Corpus Delicti by Porcupine Strongwill


Get to know more about the authors behind #HeistClub who are participating at #MIBF2016. They’re also selling their own works from other genres. If you’re lucky, you may meet them in person and have your copies signed!

(Shoutout to Racquel for the author profiles!)


Justine Camacho-Tajonera

Justine Camacho-Tajonera, author of Bayawak’s Trail, was born and grew up in Cebu City, Philippines. Despite starting a corporate career in telecommunications, she pursued her masters in Literary and Cultural Studies to keep her close to her first love of writing.  She has had her poetry published in several anthologies and local publications and she has published three books: Artemis Lets Go (novella), A Portrait of Jade (novella) and Gift: Poems, her first collection of poetry. She maintains a blog, Claiming Alexandria. She works full time at a corporate job in the Philippines, is married, and has two children whom she homeschools with her husband.

Email: justine.tajonera@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Justine-Camacho-Tajonera-Author-Page-144071125674206/
Twitter: @justine_tajo
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/7758033-justine-camacho-tajonera


Racquel Sarah A. Castro

Racquel Sarah A. Castro, author of The Fraud Hunter Book 1: Chasing an ATM Schemer, is living with Cerebral Palsy. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from AMA Computer College-Binan Campus. She wrote When Fate Speaks Big Time, Second Sight to Forever, Encyclopedia Mystique, Stockholm Syndrome: A #WriteBreakUpSongsAbout Story, and The Real Me: An Autobiography. Racquel is a geek, a math tutor, a food addict, a web designer, and a freelance programmer.

Email: racquelcastro2884@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/racquelsarahcastro
Twitter: @rsacastro017
Instagram: @rsacie
Wattpad: @RacquelSarahCastro
Blog: https://racquelsarah.wordpress.com/
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/11574447.Racquel_Sarah_A_Castro
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B00RTBGT62


Georgette S. Gonzales

Georgette S. Gonzales, author of Classified (A Prologue to Les Dames des Fleurs),  is a full time author, residing in a small house somewhere in the Visayas. She has been writing for 12 years now under the pseudonym Edith Joaquin for My Special Valentine (Bookware Publishing, Corp.). This is her first English story to be published online.

Email jette1013@yahoo.com
Website http://pinaynobelista.com
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/georgette.pinaynobelista
Twitter @Gette_aka_EJmsv
Instagram @neferjetjet


Mark Manalang (THAT’S ME!)

Sampaguita is my third crime story. After writing The Seven-Day Detective and I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus last year, I decided I want to go all out and write as much fiction as I can. In fact, Sampaguita’s sequel is now in the works, and I’ve written a few short stories before that.

I’ve just finished language training and focusing on a new upcoming job. However, I’m also taking time to work on my romance stories on Wattpad. My current project is titled Odoriko (“dancer” in Japanese), which focuses on the Spanish dance flamenco as a central theme.

Once I’m done with Sampaguita’s sequel, I’m starting a new project. What is it, you ask? Stay tuned!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MTJManalang
Twitter: @mtjmanalang
Instagram: @unlimitedgrubgrabs
Wattpad: Tenkouken
Website: https://www.unlimitedgrubgrabs.com/
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/15453627.Mark_Manalang


Bianca Mori

Bianca Mori, author of Snakehead, writes contemporary romance and romantic suspense. She loves watching fantasy movies and reading anything she can get her hands on. She lives in Manila with her family and a hyperactive pug.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thebiancamori
Twitter: @thebiancamori
Blog: http://www.thebiancamori.blogspot.com
Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/thebiancamori


Chris Nava

Chris Nava, author of High Stakes, graduated with a degree in AB Literature from UST. She has written for several media outlets. She is currently taking her Master’s from UP.


Irene Recio

Irene Recio, author of Till Death Do Us Part, is a stay-at-home mom with a degree in BS Applied Economics and BS Business Management. She found her happiness teaching pre-nursery children and was taking her Masters in Education when she had to put her career on pause to focus on her amazing daughter. She used to do freelance writing for a parenting website and magazines.  Earlier this year, she finished her first romance novella, Breakfast with Brie. She has always been fascinated with mystery and crime fiction, and her love for the genre started with Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys.


Yeyet Soriano

Yeyet Soriano, author of The Retreat, has been writing her entire life. Though the themes of her written works have changed over the years, she held on to one truth—she needed to write to keep the voices in her head at bay. Her day job is that of an IT manager in charge of the Asia-Pacific region for a multinational corporation. She is married to a man who reads only to fall asleep, and they have three wonderful kids—two of whom love to read and one, only starting to learn how to read.

List of published works: Turning Points, In My Dreams,  The Retreat, Until . . . Whenever.  She has also contributed the following stories to published anthologies: Yeyet (Life in the Middle, A Discovery, 2011); Fairy Queen-In-Waiting (Talecraft Presents Master Story Creators’ Anthology 1, 2016); He Loves Me . . .  Not (FLESH, Fixi Novo, 2016).

Email: yeyetms@gmail.com
Facebook: http://facebook.com/Yeyetsorianowrites
Twitter: http://twitter.com/ysrealm
Website: http://www.ysrealm.com


Porcupine Strongwill

Porcupine Strongwill, author of Corpus Delicti, is a Messiahn artist from Manila, who adores cats, milk-coffee, and the sound of heels clacking on wooden floor. She is currently the editor of and a contributing writer for PSICOM Publishing’s bestselling series Heartbreakers: Season 2. Her debut book, a poetry collection called “Forgotten Things To Say,” was released in 2014.

“Corpus Delicti” is her first published crime fiction.


The Manila International Book Fair runs until September 18. Have you started scouting for books to buy? We at #HeistClub hope to see you there!


Episode 82: Novelist Mode

For those who are following my adventures, I apologize for the long drought of posts here. I’m still working on writing crime novels at the moment, which explains why I haven’t been writing about food so much.
Stay with me for a while, though, as I tell you why. These past few months have been exciting.

As a recap, I joined the #JustWritePH workshop last July, and finished my first novel, “The Seven-Day Detective”, about a month later. The story goes as follows:

“Insp. Gene Bello is no stranger to rape cases, or speedy investigations. As a cadet, he was known as ‘The Seven-Day Detective’, having solved a serial rape incident in seven days. So when an NBI official asked him to handle a similar case, he was ready to take on the job… or so he thought. The case: a serial rapist targeting call center agents from Bonifacio Global City.
Luck is on Gene’s side, though. Four PUV drivers plying the EDSA-BGC routes have seen and interacted with the fifth victim. Each of them knew her well. Each of them, perhaps all of them, may hold the key to stop the next attack and find the suspect before he strikes again. But they have to hurry… All they have is seven days.”

Soon after that, I finished writing for Heist Club, a crime fiction class sponsored by Bronze Age Media, The Study by Enderun, and Buqo. Heist Club aims to open up the Filipino crime genre to a bigger audience, and entice more local authors to write crime stories.  This workshop ran from October 1 to November 7.
Participants were required to write a crime story worth 5,000 words or more in English, with a few conversations in foreign languages. The theme of the class is “Case Number 1”, which means it has the potential of becoming a series.

My story, essentially my second crime novel, is titled “Sampaguita”. The blurb I submitted to Heist Club says:
“Japanese expat and tycoon Keniichi Daimon has conflicting emotions for his second home, Manila. Despite Manila’s subtle beauty and charm, the corruption seeping deeply in the city has left him nearly apathetic of its future. But when his indifference leads to the death of a young flower vendor and his fiancée, his jaded view of Manila is shattered.
Keniichi, now driven by remorse, finds himself dragged into a world where the innocent are broken for the pleasures of the privileged and sinister few. Ignored by the police and spurned by the apathy of the people around him – the same apathy he once showed – he realizes the only way to make amends and seek justice is to take matters into his own hands.”

I also joined NaNoWriMo 2015, during which I rewrote and improved “The Seven-Day Detective”. Once I have it beta-read, re-edited, and polished, I intend to relaunch it, not only along with the Just Write PH #ForJustice bundle, but as a solo book. I intend to rewrite “Sampaguita” and do the same. But I’m thinking too way ahead and showing off my cards too much, huh?

Just because I’ve been busy writing about crime doesn’t mean I’ve shelved my food writing. In fact, you may want to visit my Instagram and Facebook page and see what I‘ve been up to and what I’ve been eating lately.
I mean, there are a lot of new places to dine that opened recently, and to say they were well-received and sought-after is an understatement, but I decided to lie low a bit, eat discreetly, and write about how good these places are when the hype around them dies down. (Also, once I have the budget to eat out.)

Stay tuned


Twitter: @mtjmanalang

Episode 78: BullChef, Bullicious Bulalo from this side of the metro

Looks like there’s no need to travel all the way to Tagaytay or Batangas just to enjoy bulalo after all. Sure, these provincial bulalo are some of the best beef soups outside Metro Manila, with its fresh meat and vegetables and hearty soup, but there actually are spots nearby that serve some of the tastiest beef shanks this side of the metro.

One of them is BullChef, which is actually sitting at Kapitolyo, Pasig, just a few kilometers from the TV5 Media Center.

BullChef (which stands for “Bulalo Chef”) has been satisfying the beef cravings of metro foodies for three years now. The restaurant boasts of a wide array of bulalo-themed dishes, all made of 100% beefy goodness.

Once again, I joined the crew of TV5 Aksyon sa Tanghali’s “Foods Tayo” to take a look at BullChef. Chef Jeremiah Mateo also came by to personally show us some of BullChef’s bestsellers.

For a restaurant that looks small from the outside, BullChef provides a spacious, welcoming atmosphere for families or as many as 20 people or so. The most striking characteristic of the place is its wall filled with photos and notes from various celebrities and other guests.

The Ultimate BullChef Special is your quintessential biggie-size bulalo, with large chucks of beef, ligaments, bone marrow, and vegetables swimming in a thick, flavorful beef broth. (This serving is good for 2-3 people, depending on their hunger level.)

The bulalo is first served without the broth, after which a waiter would pour the broth from a kettle. Once this order is completed, the waiter would blow a whistle, to which the crew would yell “BULLCHEF!” While their cheering sounds the death knell to your so-called healthy diet, it also aims to kickstart your adrenaline and your appetite as well.

The bulalo meat is mouth-watering and tender, while the ligaments are chewy and easy to the palate. But the best part of the dish is the thick, gelatinous marrow, which falls off the bone easily like an early Christmas treat. Mash a chunk of it over soupy rice, add a drop or more of your chili and soy sauce/fish sauce (patis) dip, and voila! Instant gratification! (Don’t worry, the vegetables are there to ease your guilt)

Not far behind is its brother-in-arms, the AsimBull. Instead of your regular broth, this comes in a bowl of thick sinigang soup with gabi and kangkong. This sour, tangy dish is the best alternative for those who want an extra kick in their bulalo.

Another favorite is the BullSisig, sizzling beef bulalo bits served with garlic rice and a sunny side up egg. Beer and meat lovers who want more out of their adoration for sisig will find satisfaction in this crunchy, savory dish.

Then there’s the Bullsteak, beef shank steak served with buttered vegetables, house gravy, rice, and a chunk of beef marrow sitting prettily nearby. Yeah, the power of the bone marrow compels you!

Now if you’re really feeling guilty over indulging such sinful beef treats, there’s the Burger, Habang May Gulay, AKA vegetable patties with ranch-Caesar dip and garlic rice.

“Bullicious” (bulalo + delicious) may not be the most creative way to sing praises for BullChef’s bulalo, but one cannot deny how filling and satisfying their bulalo dishes are. The servings are adequate, and the taste is topnotch. A trip to Kapitolyo just to assuage your bulalo cravings will be worth it.

Speaking of your so-called healthy diet, one may cringe at how dangerous BullChef’s dishes are, keeping in mind all the cholesterol that can be ingested there. That’s not the case, Chef Jeremiah said. Bulalo is said to have good cholesterol, as well as nutrients that can even reverse illness. Nobody among his staff has had gout, he noted. That puts into mind the teachings of Dr. Robin Buhain Navarro, AKA “Doctor Bulalo”, who recommends the regular consumption of bulalo and certain cholesterol-rich food to keep the body healthy.

In any case, anyone who dines at BullChef can just savor the bulalo, clear everything on his plate – meat, marrow, and all, enjoy the experience, and then walk out with a sated appetite and a full belly while yelling “BULLCHEF!” 


BullChef: The Bulalo Chef
#4 East Capitol Drive, Barangay Kapitolyo, Pasig
Tel. No.: 0916 338 3898
Email: bullchef.kapitolyo@gmail.com


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Episode 77: Return to Binondo! Masuki’s Special Mami!

Binondo is such a great place for foodies to visit. The last time I came to Manila’s Chinatown on a food trip was almost five years ago, when I joined Ivan Man Dy’s “Big Binondo Food Wok”. And even now, I’m hearing more marvelous places to dine there.

Some time ago, I joined the crew of “Foods Tayo” in visiting Masuki, one of the most popular dining spots in Binondo. No surprise about the restaurant’s fame; the family that manages Masuki is related to Ma Mon Luk, the legendary father of the Filipino mami.

After we had our usual product shots and rom-com skit (the owner, Mrs. Willen Ma, had a cameo role), I decided that I had to go back someday and dine there once again – this time, by myself.

Masuki’s mami comes in asado, chicken, wonton, beef, or a combination of two or all. Each is served with Masuki’s signature soup and wheat noodles, chopped spring onions, and a special sauce served separately.

Another favorite is their version of siopao, big meat buns filled with savory asado and sauce, the perfect dish that goes best with the mami.

Being the voracious eater that I am, I got for myself a Special Beef Chicken Mami, normally good for 2-3 persons, three pieces of siomai, and siopao (which disappeared immediately)..

The best part about Masuki’s mami is that it’s served piping hot, letting you savor the sweet scent of the noodles and the meaty toppings. This is served alongside some chopped spring onions, and a platter of thick special sauce (this is actually asado sauce; how it’s made is a different story, and a trade secret).

The soup is mildly salty, though it may taste bland for some. This is where the special sauce comes in. One may pour a spoonful of the sauce into the soup to give it a sweet-savory flavor.

Sauce or no sauce, the thick slices of beef give the mami a rich, sweet-salty taste, complemented by the soft chunks of chicken. The noodles are no pushover too; they help balance the flavors swimming in your mouth by the time you get in too deep in enjoying your ingredients.

Masuki’s siomai is a great side dish for your mami. And by “great”, I mean “meatball-sized, packed with pork goodness” great. At P35 a piece, it’s worth shelling out an extra buck or two.

Masuki’s food is just as stellar as those served in their ancestor’s mami houses, but they still stand out as their own brand. Every bowl of mami, siomai, or siopao sates the appetites of those who need their filling, fulfilling fix of warm broth, meat, and noodles.

While they already have branches in SM Megamall, Greenhills, and Mall of Asia,  I would still prefer dining at their Binondo branch. Their mami one of the tastes and scents of Manila that’s worth coming back for.


The Antigua Mami in Binondo
Since 1930
Address: 931 Benavidez St., Binondo, Manila
Tel. Nos.: (02) 244-0745 / (02) 243-2674 / (02) 244-0737 / (02) 502-2300
Email: yalancatering@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Masuki/193897223966668


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Episode 73: Monster-sized burgers at Monster Bites!

Tucked in a far-off corner of Tondo, Manila is a food shop known for its cheap, humongous beef burgers. The name of the shop itself – “Monster Bites” – suggests that one can expect to find thick, bulky chunks of beef patties in oversized buns, lying in a thick bed of vegetables and slathered in cheese and sauces.
It took a while for the crew of “Foods Tayo” to find the place and see for ourselves if the stories about these massive burgers are true, and we could say we were not disappointed.

First things first: Monster Bites opened around April this year, but then moved to its present location – a larger venue – a few months later. The shop opens from two in the afternoon to two in the morning, and serves dine-in and take-out by the numbers, mainly because customers flock the store and line up early.

True enough, the place was jam-packed when the crew arrived. A small crowd had gathered in front of the cashier, each awaiting their turn to get their orders. In front of the store, patties of various sizes were being grilled by the dozens over blazing charcoal grills. Some customers have resorted to standing watch as their prospective orders are being grilled, while servers periodically come and go to pick up the freshly grilled patties.

Monster Bites particularly takes pride of the size of their burgers, starting from their so-called humble quarter pounders. Each patty is a solid, meat-packed chunk that starts dry and chewy in the palate, but draws out the beefy juices with every succeeding bite.
The half pound patty is a different story altogether. To say it’s just like the quarter pounders but only bigger in size is an understatement, because these were probably born to make sure you’ll enjoy more of the burger and never go wanting by the time you’re done with it.
Speaking of the burgers, how do these sandwiches fare, you ask?  

Behold the Monster Sandwich, a monstrosity made of juicy, beefy goodness and tons of coleslaw and saucy toppings. One of these would probably fill up a group of four.

Then there’s the Black Bun Burger, a chunkful of beef with a bun as black as your sinful heart. Cue Penance Stare by Ghost Rider. These buns are baked with squid ink and roasted on bamboo charcoal, giving a smoky feel to every bite of the beef patty.

Monster Bites has a lot of varieties to choose from, which you can enjoy for as low as P50. Aside from these titans and the usual quarter pounder, they also have burger steaks, German franks, and sidings such as fries and buffalo wings.

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Episode 70: Of burgers, empanada, and love teams

The team of “Foods Tayo” recently visited two shops owned by a unique tandem of restaurateurs. They’re a real-life love team, to put it simply, and despite being small fry in the widening sea of food establishments, they have quite a good following, with unique dishes to back them up.

Our first stop was Maria’s Ilocos Empanada, a small shop at Fairview, Quezon City.

Maria’s Ilocos Empanada was born at the garage of its owner Hazel Santos. It was a simple business experiment that eventually found its way around by word of mouth and recommendations from empanada lovers that stumble upon the area. Their empanada is also said to be among the most well-known among food critics in Metro Manila.

Their specialty, the Maria’s (premium empanada) is crispy deep-fried with ground longganisa, sprouts, cabbage, cheese, chili pepper bits and egg on the inside. The pastry is cooked and served fresh on the spot, and one could even smell the empanada as it gets cooked.

The result is a stuffed empanada with a crunchy, delectable outer shell, and steamy-hot fillings on the inside. The pastry is bursting with a salty-meaty taste, balanced by the egg and spices inside. Speaking of spices, I daresay this empanada is best eaten with ketchup and spicy Ilocos vinegar, which brings out this dish’s full flavor.

Having traveled to Vigan a few times during my stint as a northbound newspaper reporter, I remember eating smaller versions of streetside empanada that are as stuffed and as filling as the one I’ve tried here.  To say that this is an example of authentic Ilocos empanada is an understatement, never mind that patrons say this is the closest to home ever seen so far.

Just so you know, Maria’s Ilocos Empanada serves rice meals with Ilocos longganisa, bagnet, and homemade tapa. They also sell uncooked longganisa, bagnet, chichacorn, and sukang Iloko. How’s that to complete the experience!

Having to go to Fairview just to visit Maria’s Ilocos Empanada is a tedious task, something that only the most hardcore of foodies can endure. The trip is worth it, though. Still, here’s hoping that Maria’s Ilocos Empanada would branch out to more places in the metropolis.

Maria’s Ilocos Empanada
#41 Regalado St. Fairview Quezon City
10am-8pm, Monday to Sunday.
Tel. No. 806-9357


Our next stop was Ean’s Grilled Burgers, owned by  Ean James Cuenco, Hazel’s boyfriend and the shop’s “chief burger officer”. Seeking out the place was a mean task, since it was hidden in plain sight just near C3 in Quezon City. Just as in the case of Maria’s Ilocos Empanada, the search and the trip was worth braving the traffic.

At first glance, Ean’s Grilled Burgers is just a neighborhood burger stand, but the fun part begins when you start ordering. For starters, they serve freshly-grilled quarter pounders. Yup, quarter pounders, the same premium-sized burgers sold in fastfood chains with premium-sized prices. Here, you get a pure beef patty with tomatoes, onions, ketchup, mustard, and cream cheese for as low as P50.

Then there’s the half-pound burger, more beef for as low as P100. For a minimal amount, you can add American or mozzarella cheese on your burger to kick that burger level up a notch.

The burger patty itself speaks volumes about why Ean’s Grilled Burgers is sought after. We’re talking about a pure, juicy patty bursting with beefy flavor in every bite. One quarter pounder is surely enough to fill and satisfy many a hungry belly.

Here’s an interesting tidbit: the burger stand is located near a chapel where one could pray to the statue of the Jesus Nazareno and other saints. One can say visiting the place to grab a burger makes for a spiritual experience. Which reminds me, when we watched the burgers being grilled, I could swear they were playing Handel’s “Hallelujah” in the background, but I digress.

Ean’s Grilled Burgers
55 Cabatuan St. corner C3, Quezon City
2:00pm – 11:00pm
Tel. No.    0929-4507636


It’s interesting to note that Ean and Hazel help and support each other in promoting and maintaining each other’s businesses. I remember hearing that their love story started when they were still competitors at Mercato Centrale (or was it Banchetto?). Dozens of business hours and interactions later, they eventually became a couple, but I leave that story for others to talk about, since I suck at love stories, but I digress.

Visiting Maria’s Ilocos Empanada and Ean’s Grilled Burger shows that there are lots of hidden foodie treasures around Metro Manila that have yet to be discovered. As a food blogger, may I boldly say that it will take a while, but be it a humble stall or a grand restaurant, there will always be something that will find favor to the masses of food lovers and those who seek delicious, budget-friendly dishes.

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Episode 69: Abra Miki ni Nanay – Enjoying hot, authentic noodles (sort of) straight from Abra

We’ve heard of efforts to bring to a large foodie audience authentic bagnet, authentic Cebu lechon, authentic La Paz batchoy, and other authentic (read: tastes as if you’re eating the dish in its hometown) Filipino dishes, but Abra Miki is probably the newest in my books.

Abra Miki is, well, Abra province’s version of the locos Region’s popular pancit miki. This is made of miki noodles and pork broth flavored by annatto seeds (atsuete). Abra Miki is said to be so popular, the local government celebrated its first Miki Festival in Bangued in 2011, partly to promote the dish, but most of all to use pancit miki as a leverage to open Abra for tourists.

Luckily for us in Metro Manila, we don’t have to go all the way to Abra just to eat pancit miki. The team of “Foods Tayo” recently visited Abra Miki ni Nanay, a small restaurant in Quezon City that takes pride in serving authentic Abra miki.

Abra Miki ni Nanay, which opened this April, is the brainchild of TV host Boy Abunda and his friends. The owners say most of the ingredients are sourced straight from Abra to maintain the dish’s authentic taste and texture.

The restaurant’s best seller is called the “Super Special Miki.” At P50, you’re treated to a big bowl of miki noodle soup topped with chicharon, pork bits, and a hard-boiled egg. This is best eaten with Pan de Limon, a local bread, and cookies called Abra Masa Podria.

The noodles are firm and chewy, and quite filling. The soup is made salty and savory by the mix of chicharon and pork broth. They also have sukang Iloko, chili, and soy sauce for those who want even more flavor in their noodles.

Here’s another interesting fact about the “Super Special Miki”: it’s the biggest noodle variety in the restaurant, and it can be shared among three persons, which gives one an idea how filling this pancit miki is. (Rice, please?) Also, it seems news crews from TV5 and other stations flock to the restaurant at times to have dinner there.

Just a tip, though: Abra Miki ni Nanay opens late in the afternoon, and the places fills up with customers quite quickly, so coming early or patiently waiting in line is a must. That’s okay, enjoying a big bowl of Abra’s pancit miki is worth the wait.

Abra Miki ni Nanay
No. 28 K-J Street, Kamias, Quezon City
Monday to Sunday, 5:00pm to 2:00am
Tel. No. 0915-5316970


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