Episode 79: Coffice Work

At a corner table in the smoking area of Seattle’s Best Trinoma, I find myself at peace the most. I wrote my first love story here, and polished many of UGG’s blog posts. During instances when I do have to work on something from my day job, this is where I feel more focused, calm, and meditative. This is where I’m most comfortable as a writer. 
Jamiroquai is right. This corner table might as well be my corner of the Earth.

Just to digress from the topic, I’m not dead yet. While I don’t talk about my latest food adventures on this blog, I post more regularly through my Instagram account @unlimitedgrubgrabs. I know it’s inexcusable. It’s just that I don’t have enough free time to write for this blog lately.

The little leisure time I have is spent lately on writing my novels and relaxing in my coffice, Seattle’s Best Trinoma.
The crew here knows me by name. They let me hang out as I nurse my large breve or Javakula, and chomp on a bag or two of Lays. They know I like their Big Breakfast Plate with sausages and bacon. The WiFi connection’s hard to come by but stable. The music gets repetitive at times, but I see no reason to complain about listening to jazz for hours.
SBC Trinoma’s smoking area gets quiet at least three hours before closing time. This is when my writing soul burns the most, when I churn out paragraph after paragraph of my articles, or choreograph the scenes I need for my novel.
(If there’s one thing I like about SBC Trinoma’s smoking area, it’s not always crowded, even if the rest of the shop is. It IS a smoking area, after all.)
Visiting coffices is a trend among office workers nowadays, especially those who need to work on as much of their assignments as possible.
Working in a coffice has numerous benefits. A noisy, busy environment is, to a degree, conducive for accomplishing creative tasks. Visitors don’t feel isolated because one can meet like-minded people who want a more comfortable place to work in. The (rather incessant) need for a WiFi connection is also something useful for workers who are dependent on the internet.
Add to that the fact that the coffice has a good selection of beverages and you’re all set.
Sure, my work behavior can be frowned upon by coffee shop enthusiasts. A coffee shop is for everyone, I agree, not to mention there are workers who abuse their privileges. (The same could be said about some leisurely visitors, though.)
That’s why I make it a point to actually patronize the coffices I visit. I buy food and drinks whenever I work at SBC, or any coffee shop where I intend to work. I make use of their bandwidth as sparingly as possible. If I arrive at a shop during peak hours, I limit my working hours and don’t hog the power outlets. I clean up my table too, or at least keep it less messy.
In hindsight, working in a coffice is the same as working in a regular office space, with a set of guidelines and etiquette for its patrons. Perhaps it’s the feeling that one is working in a more relaxed environment while guzzling a favorite drink or chowing on a warm pastry that makes coffice work a viable option especially for people on the go.
When I finished “The Feast of the North Star” (my first novel on Wattpad), I made sure to include the staff at SBC Trinoma in my acknowledgements. Staying in their coffee shop was instrumental in my creative process, after all. Their breve, to be specific, was bitter – as bitter as my tears when I first wrote the story, but I digress.
By the way, I’m writing this post in my usual corner table, my corner of the Earth, at SBC Trinoma.