Episode 69: Abra Miki ni Nanay – Enjoying hot, authentic noodles (sort of) straight from Abra

We’ve heard of efforts to bring to a large foodie audience authentic bagnet, authentic Cebu lechon, authentic La Paz batchoy, and other authentic (read: tastes as if you’re eating the dish in its hometown) Filipino dishes, but Abra Miki is probably the newest in my books.

Abra Miki is, well, Abra province’s version of the locos Region’s popular pancit miki. This is made of miki noodles and pork broth flavored by annatto seeds (atsuete). Abra Miki is said to be so popular, the local government celebrated its first Miki Festival in Bangued in 2011, partly to promote the dish, but most of all to use pancit miki as a leverage to open Abra for tourists.

Luckily for us in Metro Manila, we don’t have to go all the way to Abra just to eat pancit miki. The team of “Foods Tayo” recently visited Abra Miki ni Nanay, a small restaurant in Quezon City that takes pride in serving authentic Abra miki.

Abra Miki ni Nanay, which opened this April, is the brainchild of TV host Boy Abunda and his friends. The owners say most of the ingredients are sourced straight from Abra to maintain the dish’s authentic taste and texture.

The restaurant’s best seller is called the “Super Special Miki.” At P50, you’re treated to a big bowl of miki noodle soup topped with chicharon, pork bits, and a hard-boiled egg. This is best eaten with Pan de Limon, a local bread, and cookies called Abra Masa Podria.

The noodles are firm and chewy, and quite filling. The soup is made salty and savory by the mix of chicharon and pork broth. They also have sukang Iloko, chili, and soy sauce for those who want even more flavor in their noodles.

Here’s another interesting fact about the “Super Special Miki”: it’s the biggest noodle variety in the restaurant, and it can be shared among three persons, which gives one an idea how filling this pancit miki is. (Rice, please?) Also, it seems news crews from TV5 and other stations flock to the restaurant at times to have dinner there.

Just a tip, though: Abra Miki ni Nanay opens late in the afternoon, and the places fills up with customers quite quickly, so coming early or patiently waiting in line is a must. That’s okay, enjoying a big bowl of Abra’s pancit miki is worth the wait.

Abra Miki ni Nanay
No. 28 K-J Street, Kamias, Quezon City
Monday to Sunday, 5:00pm to 2:00am
Tel. No. 0915-5316970


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